MLB The Show 20 Road to The Show Footage Revealed in First-Look Video

The new MLB The Show 20 game drops in March 2020, but ahead of the game’s release more details about the game are arriving. The MLB The Show Twitter has unveiled all sorts of upcoming legends, and other gameplay features that will be updated. On Tuesday, a video arrived showing off what’s new in MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show.

New MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show video spotlights player relationships, boosts

In last year’s game, the developers added relationships and a perks tree in Road to the Show mode. In this year’s game, for MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show the relationships will matter even more on the field. Every position has a different synergy with the rest of the team’s positions, making this a key aspect of the popular mode. Basically, being “Friendly” with particular teammates can help boost players’ confidence levels when playing in games.

An example is a catcher being friendly with some of the starting pitchers. That gives the pitchers a confidence boost and also gives a slight boost to the catcher’s fielding skills. On the flip side, should the catcher get traded or sent elsewhere, that changes the team’s dynamics.

IGN released a 20-plus minutes video regarding MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show below. It shows footage from the game and gives insight into the new aspects of the mode courtesy of gameplay designer Ramone Russell.

Here’s a look at a screenshot from MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show. In the image, the various positive or negative effects of one player’s relationships with his other teammates on the field. Various skills have either improved or decreased based on the level of friendliness.

mlb the show 20 relationships screenshot

This should add an interesting new dynamic for gamers to keep an eye on as they move forward in the mode. It’s an important part of pretty much all sports teams, so it makes sense to utilize it in the baseball sim title.

In addition, everything your player does makes a difference in their skills ratings. So, for example, striking out will obviously hurt a player, while connecting on a big hit or even fielding well is going to help.

What is Road to the Show mode about?

MLB The Show’s Road to the Show has been around for over a decade in the popular baseball video game series. Something called “Show” mode first appeared in MLB 06: The Show. It’s a career mode which allows gamers to create and take control of their own player.

Players begin at the minor league levels and try to develop to the point they’re called up. So the big goal is to get into the Major League as a new star. The objective has always been to perform as well as possible with your player.

A video below shows the career mode as it looked on PlayStation 2 back when MLB 06: The Show was out.

Over the years, the mode has evolved along with the graphics and gameplay in MLB The Show 20. It’s clear from the first-look video that they’re continuing to step things up ahead of the potential for next year’s more widespread release MLB The Show title.

MLB The Show 20 will arrive exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 4 console on March 17, 2020, with early access available for pre-order customers. However, based on a new partnership announcement, the MLB game will be coming to other consoles in the future. That could include Microsoft’s Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and possibly PCs.

For details on how to pre-order MLB The Show 20, visit the official website here.

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