The Murder Death Kill Update Graces Hades With More Content

The third major update has reached Hades, and with plenty of content to expand on what the game has to offer. Supergiant Games has done it once again and delivered on their promise for regularly hefty content drops. The aptly named Murder Death Kill Update is now live and rife with new features.

Supergiant Games Keeps The Content Flowing

As partially predicted, Thanatos is one of the new characters presented as a silhouette in the teaser last week. The incarnation of death is the closest thing ancient Greeks had to a Grim Reaper, hence the scythe and cowl aesthetic. Also partially predicted to be included are the remaining harpies previously left out of the game, Alecto and Tisiphone, who will join their sister Megaera. The caveat of partial prediction comes because all three characters were guessed as the next big inclusions, but not as a trio.

In addition to the three fully voiced characters are plenty of new powers and challenges. New super moves and God Boons are available, each of which will help Zagreus on his quest through the realm of Hades. Specifically, seven new Wrath boons, six Duo boons, and twelve others have been included.

Zagreus’ weapons have been overhauled as well. The Stygian Blade has received a damage boost to the first and second attacks made, as well as a damage bonus for the dash attack. The Shield of Chaos has a more reliable defense against attacks, while the bow is less effective against enemy projectiles thanks to a reduced hitbox. The Adamant Rail has received an increased press-and-hold rate of fire, but a decreased tapping rate of fire, while also offering the ability to reload while in motion.

New foes have also been added to Hades with the inclusion of the Bloodless Burn-Finger and Bloodless Wave-Maker. These new enemies can be encountered as mini-bosses within Tartarus, to which new chambers have been added. These additions, along with dozens of other tweaks and bug fixes, can be found in the detailed patch notes within the game. While players are hacking away and exploring all there is to be found in the Murder Death Kill Update, Supergiant is hard at work ensuring next month’s update packs an equally large punch.