Yet Another Big Update Is Coming To Hades Next Week

This month’s Hades update is on its way to the early access game next week on March 12. Supergiant games took to Twitter this morning to make the announcement accompanied by yet another silhouetted figure. As with the previous updates, fans have been left to guess at who the next major content drop will feature.

Hades Continues Its Impressive Streak of Content Growth

Different than the last major update’s clues, this tweet features three silhouettes instead of one. This deviation from the norm already has fans speculating as to who these mysterious characters could possibly be. There are plenty of Greek mythical trios, and the community is already hard at work deciphering which one this group is.

The obvious choice right off the bat is the three Fates. These mythological weavers are featured prominently all throughout Greek lore as sisters who literally weave the fate of mortal souls. In some instances, they have even been known to work with Hades, which could provide the perfect narrative avenue for their addition to the game. Extra challenges are always welcome to fans of the roguelike hack and slash, and surely the Fates would bring plenty along with them.

What some have identified as an unraveled spool of yarn, however, others have seen as a whip. Such a vicious weapon could potentially belong to one of the Furies, another set of sisters hellbent on unleashing vengeance upon those they see fit. Their ferocity and utterly terrifying appearance earned them the nickname Daughters of the Night. Their inclusion would no doubt lend to some captivating narrative sequences and potentially brutal challenges.

The most likely of candidates though, is one of the gods of death, Thanatos. Thanatos was the closest thing the ancient Greeks had to a Grim Reaper, as his dominion over death was a gentle one. This would explain the apparent cowl and scythe the foremost silhouette seems to sport. The figures in the back are most likely his two sisters, the Keres, who were bigger fans of violent death than their brother as harbingers of plague and disease. With all three characters to be fully voiced, Thanatos and his sisters would certainly add undeniable flair to the Underworld.

No matter who Hades’ next update features fans can trust that Supergiant Games is going to add heaps of content. Every major addition thus far has delivered on their promise to continually add to and tweak aspects of the game on a regular basis. So far the renowned indie developer has been an immaculate model as to how early access titles should be rolled out, so fans are eagerly awaiting the impending March 12 update.