NBA 2K19 Ratings Average Predicts MVP Ahead of NBA Awards 2019 Show

On Monday night, NBA fans will watch to see who takes home the various awards given for the past season’s hard work. Among those prizes given out at the NBA Awards 2019 show will be Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and the Most Valuable Player Award. There are plenty of people predicting which player deserves MVP, but based on an NBA 2K19 ratings average, one player deserves it above the other two contenders.

NBA 2K19 Ratings Average predicts MVP

This year’s NBA MVP is between three players, all of whom had great seasons. There’s Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George and the Houston Rockets’ James Harden. They’re competing against the player most people believe is the frontrunner to win this season, Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks. He’s the NBA 2K19 cover athlete and seems on track for the trophy.

Of the three contenders, James Harden is the reigning NBA MVP and also was the top scorer (36.1 ppg) in the league by quite a distance. Paul George was right behind him in that stats category with 28 points a game. However, it’s hard to ignore that Giannis put together such an impressive body of work. The “Greek Freak” averaged 27.7 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 5.9 assists a game to help Milwaukee claim top seed in the Eastern Conference. He also was captain for Team Giannis against Team LeBron in the NBA All-Star Game.

The NBA 2K19 average ratings for the duration of the past season help tell a story, and it’s actually close. They’ve got Giannis winning MVP by a sliver with an average of 94.9 over the course of the season. Harden is second with 94.8 as his average compared to PG13’s 91.1 average rating.

Giannis, Harden, George ratings this season

It’s no surprise that the MVP candidates come from a top 10 of star players in the league, per 2KRatings. Giannis and Harden finished the NBA 2K19 season with 96 overall ratings making the game’s top two stars. Meanwhile, No. 9 player Paul George was a few points lower at 93. Still, the 6-foot-11 Bucks forward started the season at 94 overall and steadily progressed to 96, never falling below his original rating.

Harden started as a 96 and slid to a 94. He’d rise up to as high as 97 before coming back down to 96 to close the season out. George made the strongest progression as he started out as just an 89, rose to 94 by week 19 of the season and slid a point to close at a 93 overall.

Based on the numbers including the NBA 2K19 ratings average, it appears Greek Freak is on pace to capture his first-ever MVP Award. Not only did NBA 2K19 predict it with a look at the average ratings, but they put the MVP on the cover of the game prior to the season’s start.

However, fans will have to watch and see. The NBA Awards 2019 arrives on Monday (June 24) at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

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