NBA 2K20 Heat Check Packs, Season Predictions Arrive

Tuesday brings the return of the NBA with a doubleheader on tap for fans to enjoy. In the video game world, the NBA 2K20 game is moving forward with its latest installment of the Heat Check program. These are MyTeam cards that can improve based on player performance with four different tiers. In addition to the NBA 2K20 Heat Check packs, the game posted their predictions for the various award winners in the season ahead.

NBA 2K20 Heat Check packs, prices

Gamers can now purchase NBA 2K20 Heat Check packs within the MyTeam Market. Each pack has a chance at pulling a Heat Check player. These cards, based on a player’s previous game, can improve in terms of the player’s ratings. Check out the promotional tweet below as it shows off the Boston Celtics with items from 83 to 90 overall for the Heat Checks promotion.

The NBA 2K20 Heat Check Base packs cost 3,750 Virtual Currency or 4,500 MyTeam Tokens (MT) for a single pack of five cards. A Standard Pack costs 5,625 VC or 6,000 MT. A Deluxe Pack costs 7,500 VC or 10,500 MT. There are also three different boxes.

For a 10-pack box, gamers will need to spend 50,625 VC, while a 20-pack Standard Box is 101,250 VC. The 20-pack Deluxe Heat Check boxes are 135,000 VC. However, the more packs, the more chances of getting Heat Check players onto your MyTeam.

So far, most fans have been mildly receptive to the promotion, though. A number of gamers are saying that without badges these cards are worthless to even worry about. Meanwhile, an NBA 2K20 locker code is currently available and gives a free pack, so make sure to enter it in the MyTeam Extras or Settings area.

2K reveals their 2019-20 NBA predictions

With the NBA season tipping off Tuesday night, NBA 2K20 also revealed a number of predictions for the upcoming season. These include who will win the NBA Rookie of the Year, as well as things like Defensive Player of the Year, and the NBA MVP. Here’s a look at what they have as the season gets ready to begin with an interesting bias towards the Los Angeles teams.

They’re giving the Los Angeles Lakers a lot of backing as they head into this season. However, Anthony Davis is the NBA 2K20 cover star so it may not be surprising to see the prediction of an NBA Finals sweep over Milwaukee. 2K20 has LeBron as the Finals MVP and Giannis Antetokounmpo repeating as NBA MVP. In addition, they have recently-injured Pelicans player Zion Williamson winning Rookie of the Year.

The other two predicted award winners above are Kawhi Leonard for Defensive Player of the Year and Lou Williams winning another Sixth Man of the Year award. It’ll be interesting to see where the NBA 2K20 predictions have the Clippers finishing in terms of the overall record and postseason finish as many analysts believe they have a legitimate shot to win it all.

The NBA 2K20 game is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The NBA season tips off at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on TNT as the Pelicans take on the Raptors.