NBA 2K20 Player Ratings: WNBA’s Breanna Stewart Reacts to Her Rating

Thursday brought a number of new items for the upcoming NBA 2K20 game, all related to the new addition of the WNBA. Earlier, we got a first look at the WNBA gameplay video which included stars Candace Parker and Breanna Stewart giving their comments. There was also a more in-depth blog post via 2K’s Facebook talking about what went into the new WNBA mode. In addition to that, the first of the WNBA’s NBA 2K20 player ratings arrived for Finals MVP Breana Stewart.

Breanna Stewart is first NBA 2K20 player rating for WNBA

Kevin Durant’s The Boardroom is an exclusive series on ESPN+ which delves into various off-court business topics involving the players and personnel. They provided the first of the NBA 2K20 player ratings on Thursday with the Seattle Storm’s “Stewie.” She gets a 95 overall which has set the bar high early on for the new players that will appear in the game.

So far, no other WNBA player ratings have arrived for the upcoming game. One has to think Stewart’s will be amongst the best NBA 2K20 player ratings for her league, along with Candace Parker and maybe Elena Delle Donne. However, the reveals will probably come bit by bit over the next several weeks, as there are plenty of NBA players yet to see their official ratings. The top 20 NBA players are available, so it’s possible they’ll give a top 10 or 20 WNBA players at some point.

Stewart’s rating reveal & reaction to OVR

Meanwhile, NBA 2K’s Ronnie 2K appeared on the latest episode of The Boardroom to talk about none other than NBA 2K. During the episode, they talked about who are the best NBA gamers when it comes to playing 2K. In addition, they had the Breanna Stewart rating reveal and her reaction to her OVR in the game.

As the video shows, Breanna Stewart is thrilled by her NBA 2K20 rating for the game. She was the WNBA MVP and Finals MVP last year as part of the champion Seattle Storm. She’s also a two-time All-Star and has been in the league just three years so far. Stewart has averaged about 24 points, seven rebounds. 2.4 assists, 1.3 steals, and nearly a block per game for her career.

Interestingly, many NBA players might be upset with a 95 and claim they should be a 99 or 100, due to confidence, or cockiness. Still, Stewart and a lot of other WNBA players are mostly happy that their league is getting part of the spotlight in the upcoming NBA 2K video game.

The new basketball game arrives on September 6, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PCs. See more of the latest news about NBA 2K20 here.