NBA 2K20 Presents MyCareer Behind the Scenes Video With Director Sheldon Candis, Maverick Carter

On Monday (Aug. 19), NBA 2K20 dropped the first official trailer for the new MyCareer story. It features a number of big-name actors and NBA stars. They include Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson as well as Kemba Walker, Lonzo Ball, and LeBron James, among others. LeBron’s SpringHill Entertainment group created the MyCareer movie along with his Lebron’s business partner Maverick Carter as executive producer. Along with the first trailer also came a special behind the scenes look at the MyCareer movie creation.

NBA 2K20 unveils The Next Story behind the scenes video

In a separate video called “The Next Story,” gamers get more insight into what went into the NBA 2K20 MyCareer movie. It’s a seven-minute-long video, shot mostly in black and white. Clips from the movie are also mixed in as well as a small bit of the filming. The behind the scenes video mainly brings a four-man discussion panel of the minds behind the new MyCareer story.

Carter joins the president of SpringHill Jamal Henderson, director Sheldon Candis, and writer Taylor Materne to discuss the MyCareer film. Check out the full behind the scenes talk and glimpses of the movie filming in the YouTube video below.

In the behind the scenes video above, we see that the various actors not only provided voices but also motion capture for their characters. So Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson, and Maverick Carter all had on special gear to film their scenes in MyCareer. In addition, the behind the scenes includes more discussion about what the MyCareer story is about as it relates to authenticity, culture, and sacrifices one must make to make it to the league.

MyCareer movie brings authenticity, cinematic feel

The main NBA 2K20 MyCareer player is facing a conflict in his career pursuit. Will he continue to stand up for what he believes in, or put that aside in the interest of other things? He’s also his team’s leader and has to consider more than just himself and his own goals. As with other sports games, the MyCareer player is also trying to make it to the professional level. Gamers will have to navigate through the ups and downs involved in his journey.

Along the way, gamers meet other characters including actor Thomas Middleditch as his agent and Idris Elba as his coach. Even NBA stars of the past and present are part of the story. Scottie Pippen, LeBron James, and cover star Anthony Davis are among those who pop up for scenes to give advice.

nba 2k20 cover star in new mycareer movie

Carter says NBA 2K brings authenticity ever year and this new MyCareer story honors the culture by staying authentic to the player and concepts involved in it. The writer mentions that bringing Maverick Carter into the movie along with the various NBA stars keeps things authentic for the situations the MyCareer player goes through. 

They also mention that this works as a standalone piece, as they refer to it as an “emotional cinematic film.” You can tell that a lot went into creating this year’s mode just with the talent involved. Based on all of the above, it sounds like quite the addition to the upcoming basketball game, but time will tell how the community receives it when it comes out.

Gamers can check out the new NBA 2K20 MyCareer mode featuring the new movie when the game drops on September 6, 2019. Get more of the latest information and updates at our NBA 2K page.

For more details about how to get the game, see the official NBA 2K website.