NBA 2K20 Ratings: Our Predictions for the Top 10 Players Overall

This coming Monday (July 15), 2K will officially reveal the player ratings for their new NBA 2020 title. Many fans, and players, are anticipating what sorts of numbers they’ll receive as this can tell a story of how they’re viewed. However, certain players know they’ll just be fine when the new game arrives, as they’re the best of the best in the league. Here’s our predictions for the top 10 players in terms of the overall NBA 2K20 ratings.

Top 10 Players Overall in NBA 2K20 ratings

The top 10 list shouldn’t surprise too many fans. These are the best overall players in the league right now. They include recent All-Stars, NBA MVPs, and Finals MVPs. There’s an exception in that we removed superstar Kevin Durant due to his injury situation. A healthy KD would certainly be on this list, but nobody knows for sure what KD will return for the Brooklyn Nets after he’s recovered. NBA 2K’s ratings people may still include him in their top 10 based on his body of overall work.

That said, the Most Valuable Player should start this season with the best overall rating for the game. The Greek Freak was dominant last season and will look to continue with more of the same in 2019-20. Just below him are the three players that fans can debate who is second-best in the league right now.

While LeBron wasn’t quite himself last season, he’s going to be refocused LeBron coming into the new season. Kawhi has joined a new team with the Clippers, but should continue to show why he’s among the league’s top stars today. James Harden is the most recent NBA MVP not named Giannis, and also the league’s leading scorer as of last season. Will he suffer a ratings drop-off with Westbrook playing in the backcourt, or continue his stay near the top?

Check out the list below, which isn’t all that different from how 2K19’s top 10 looked, with a few guys getting bumps by a point or so.

  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo 97
  2. James Harden 96
  3. LeBron James 96
  4. Kawhi Leonard 96
  5. Stephen Curry 95
  6. Anthony Davis 94
  7. Joel Embiid 94
  8. Paul George 93
  9. Nikola Jokic 93
  10. Damian Lillard 92

Players to keep an eye on this season

As far as players who are very close to cracking that top 10, they include Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving, Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns, and the newest Rockets star Russell Westbrook. Of them, one would think that Irving and Towns have legitimate shots to get there this season just based on who else is on their rosters.

D’Angelo Russell is another player to keep an eye on. The fact he’s now part of the backcourt with “Chef” Curry in place of Klay Thompson, for a small bit of the season, could boost his numbers too. It’s expected he’ll get traded as soon as the team is able to, so keep that in mind. However, playing for that Golden State Warriors offense which no longer has KD, and is awaiting Klay’s return will help.

The Mavs’ Luka Doncic and Hawks’ Trae Young each had great rookie seasons with the former capturing NBA Rookie of the Year. It wouldn’t be surprising if Luka enters the NBA 2K20 ratings with a 90 overall, as this year will be the first without Dirk there, and possibly the first with him teaming with Kristaps Porzingis. Expect Doncic to surge as a sophomore, which is scary to consider after his first season’s performance.

It would be extremely surprising if any of the NBA 2K20 ratings for new rookies are above a 90 overall. That includes Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans. He’s still going to need to prove himself once he gets to the league against the top competitors. That said, in just one appearance for the NBA Summer League, he showed what he’s capable of. So that could be a look at what’s to come this season as he becomes the next great star. 

Time will tell, and as of Monday (July 15) evening, fans will have a clearer picture about the NBA 2K20 ratings for players. See more details about the ratings reveal live stream special featuring Anthony Davis.

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