NBA 2K20 Soundtrack Update Adds Songs From Travis Scott, Roddy Ricch, and Lil Baby

On Tuesday, the NBA 2K20 soundtrack received another in-game update to keep things moving along. Now gamers will be able to hear a fresh selection of tracks as they move through various screens and modes. Amongst the NBA 2K20 playlist’s new songs are cuts from Travis Scott, Roddy Ricch, Lil Baby, and Schoolboy Q.

NBA 2K20 soundtrack update brings new music options

Every so often, NBA 2K20 gives gamers a new set of tracks to groove to in the game. On May 12, another of those updates arrived. The Travis Scott song “Highest In the Room” leads the way for the NBA 2K20 soundtrack update, providing a familiar slow hip-hop song to keep things mellow. 2K fans will remember that Scott was the curator of the 2K19 soundtrack and had multiple tracks on there, so it makes sense he’d be featured.

Also joining the update is hip-hop star Lil Baby with his big hit, “Woah.” The song reached as high as No. 15 on the U.S. Billboard singles chart and No. 7 for the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop singles chart.

Gunna, the rapper who Lil Baby featured on “Drip Too Hard,” also appears on the new NBA 2K20 soundtrack update. This time around he’s part of the Roddy Ricch track, “Start With Me.” Both rappers were previously featured on other tracks on the soundtrack with Ricch on the “Wow” remix by Post Malone and Gunna providing his track “Big Shot.”

Complete list of new songs and artists

This marks the third time there’s been an NBA 2K20 soundtrack update. The concept was introduced for the first time as part of this version of 2K20. In addition, newer aspiring hip-hop artists sent in songs for consideration as part of the playlist. That was part of an NBA 2K20 soundtrack competition providing some new artists a chance for recognition.

NBA 2K20 Soundtrack update #3:

  1. Highest in the Room – Travis Scott
  2. Start With Me (feat. Gunna) – Roddy Ricch, Gunna
  3. Woah – Lil Baby
  4. 5200 – ScHoolboy Q
  5. UKA UKA – Trippie Redd
  6. Recognize – pineappleCITI
  7. Fame – Warm Brew
  8. Long Game – Gavin Haley
  9. CASH COW – NGHTMRE, Gunna
  10. Get It – Kaleb Mitchell
  11. Strong Enough – The Aces
  12. Hold Me Down – Kofi, Tre Wes
  13. Ball Is Life – Erick Lottary
  14. 3 Vets – The Future Kings
  15. 2maro – Armani White
  16. Maria – Rae Khalil
  17. Wristwatch – jusLo
  18. FourThirty – ill Nicky, Tre Aces
  19. Road 2 Riches – Stizzy Stackz
  20. Assist – Peezy International
  21. Woah – $wave
  22. WJIT – Curtis Roach

The soundtrack update brings an hour and seven minutes more music. Previous tracks are already there, so this simply expands upon the available songs to listen to.

To check out the tracks, visit the Spotify playlist here. Alternatively, you can go to the NBA 2K20 Soundtrack in the game by heading to Extras and choosing “Beats.” From there, options include the ability to set the playlist to Normal or Shuffle mode as well as add or remove tracks.

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