New NBA 2K20 Spotlight Series II Packs, Andre Iguodala Challenge Arrive in MyTeam

After winning several NBA titles with the Golden State Warriors, Andre Iguodala has been waiting from the sidelines. As fans wait to see if he joins another team, gamers with NBA 2K20 can attempt to add his new Evolution card or other great new items. That’s because the newest NBA 2K20 Spotlight Series packs and Spotlight Challenge are all about Iggy.

Andre Iguodala headlines new NBA 2K20 Spotlight Series II Packs

NBA 2K MyTeam continues to get a fresh rotation of new player cards and headlining players for the store packs. The latest headliner is none other than Andre Iguodala, a man with 15 years of NBA experience on his resume. He isn’t currently playing actively for any team but spent his past six seasons with the Warriors.

Iggy played a major part in the team’s 2014-15 NBA Finals win, netting himself the Finals MVP in the process. He’d rack up three rings with Golden State before moving on. Now he’s the featured star for NBA 2K20 Spotlight Packs at the store. They can hold a few of his familiar teammates’ random cards inside too. Those include Diamond cards for Stephen Curry and Draymond Green.

Check out the promotional video and list of available players below.

AI Pink Diamond is best card in packs

The best card in the new Spotlight Series II packs is for Hall of Famer Allen Iverson who also starred on the Philadelphia 76ers. As NBA 2K20 MyTeam tweeted, AI’s card includes 16 HOF Badges along with HOF Pick Pocket. The full list of potential pulls for the Spotlight Series II packs is below.

NBA 2K20 Spotlight Andre Iguodala Packs’ available cards:

  • Allen Iverson (Pink Diamond) 97 OVR
  • Draymond Green (Diamond) 95 OVR
  • Stephen Curry (Diamond) 95 OVR
  • Elton Brand (Amethyst) 92 OVR
  • Andrew Bogut (Amethyst) 91 OVR
  • Jrue Holiday (Ruby) 89 OVR
  • Evan Turner (Ruby) 89 OVR
  • Kenneth Faried (Sapphire) 85 OVR
  • Andre Miller (Sapphire) 85 OVR blue
  • Leandro Barbosa (Emerald) 82 OVR
  • Thaddeus Young (Emerald) 81 OVR
  • Kyle Korver (Gold) 79 yellow

The NBA 2K20 Andre Iguodala Spotlight Base Pack has a price of 3,000 Virtual Currency or 3,750 MT. There’s also a Standard Pack (7,000 VC/10,000 MT), and a Deluxe Pack (9,375 VC/12,000 MT) as well as options for 10-pack or 20-pack boxes in the Market.

Iggy is the latest NBA 2K20 Spotlight Series pack headliner joining previous stars including Dwight Howard and Clyde Drexler.

New Andre Iguodala Spotlight Challenge

In addition, there’s a new NBA 2K20 Spotlight Challenge featuring Andre Iguodala’s career. It brings another 17 objectives like previous Spotlight Challenges for stars including Dwight Howard, Isiah Thomas, Dirk Nowitzki, and other players. As gamers complete each challenge, they’ll earn different rewards including MT currency, Tokens, and player cards. There’s an Emerald Iggy card for completion of just the first objective.

nba 2k20 andre iguodala spotlight challenges

Here’s a look at the 17 parts of the Andre Iguodala Spotlight Challenge and rewards they bring for completing them.

  1. Intro Challenge (Emerald Andre Iguodala)
  2. Iguodala 20 and 10 Rookie (200 MT)
  3. Triple Double Vs. Champs (400 MT)
  4. Rising Stars MVP (600 MT)
  5. Solo Show (x6 Tokens)
  6. Rewrite Game 6 (Ruby Tyronn Lue)
  7. Avoid Losing Streak (1,000 MT)
  8. All-Defensive Team (800 MT)
  9. First Playoff Series Win (x6 Tokens)
  10. Mile High (1,200 MT)
  11. Start of Dynasty (1,500 MT)
  12. Overcome Lob City (Amethyst Darren Collison)
  13. Finals MVP (1,800 MT)
  14. Record Setting Wins (2,000 MT)
  15. Rewrite the 3-1 (2,500 MT)
  16. Iguodala vs Houston (5,000 MT)
  17. Spotlight Finale (7,500 MT & Brent Barry card)

Completion of all 17 Andre Iguodala Spotlight Challenges will earn not only 7,500 MT on the final challenge but also a Pink Diamond Rick Barry card.

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