NBA 2K20 Star Doris Burke Talks to 2KTV About Her 10-Year Career Evolution With 2K

The newest episode of NBA 2KTV arrived on Friday and features an interesting interview with another of the game’s stars. This time around it’s not one of the players from NBA 2K20, but one of its voices. Sideline reporter and analyst Doris Burke is a major part of the game, giving her insights on the teams, players, and highlights. She recently talked to 2KTV about the 10-year journey and becoming a 2K celebrity.

Doris Burke of NBA 2K20 featured in new 2KTV episode

Last week, NBA 2K20 cover star Dwyane Wade was the featured guest in 2KTV with Alexis Morgan. For this week’s episode, it’s another fan-favorite with Doris Burke. She’s part of the commentary team with Greg Anthony and Kevin Harlan that lend their voices to NBA 2K20. However, as Burke mentions when speaking with Alexis, she wasn’t always in that role in the game or real world.

Doris jokes how the game upped her “hip quotient exponentially.” She also says it’s been a 10-year journey from the sideline reporting gig she had to her current role. However, Burke says she appreciates and marvels at the fact that 2K has been with her for that and evolved her character in the game just as she has in real life.

Another aspect of NBA 2K20 that Alexis Morgan brings up to Burke is the inclusion of the WNBA this year. Burke says it’s great to see because WNBA is near and dear to her heart. She started her broadcasting career there. Burke also speaks about liking how today’s NBA works with free agents. She says it’s about players gaining enough “star equity” to play where they want.

It’s a great talk with Doris Burke who many people consider one of the great parts of today’s game. That’s because of how much she lends to her analysis and commentary. The fact that 2K evolved her role in the game is a testament to just how big she’s become within the basketball world.

In addition to Doris Burke’s appearance in the new 2KTV video, there are plenty of other topics. That includes a look at the best blocks in the game as part of Top Plays. Also, Chris Manning speaks with gameplay producer Mike Wang about passing tips.

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