NBA 2K20 Throwback Moments Cards: D’Angelo Russell, Alex English Among Galaxy Opals

There are a number of new NBA 2K20 Throwback Moments cards available as of Monday. Among them are Galaxy Opals for NBA All-Star D’Angelo Russell and Hall of Famer Alex English. The newest content release comes days after we saw more Out of Position player items arrive in MyTeam. However, will players want the latest Throwback items?

New NBA 2K20 Throwback Moments cards include English, Russell, Brand

Insert joke here about English comedian and actor Russell Brand. Those are actually three of the players released with Galaxy Opal cards for NBA 2K20 Throwback Moments. Former Lakers, Nets, Warriors and now Timberwolves star D’Angelo Russell leads the way, along with former players Elton Brand and Alex English.

The DLo card is one many gamers are already looking to acquire. The 6-foot-5 point guard is shown on the Lakers on the card art. Russell has 99 Offense and 98 Defense including 96 Outside Scoring, 96 Playmaking, and 93 Athleticism.

The former No. 2 draft pick also has seven Gold and 45 Hall of Fame Badges. Those include items like Relentless Finisher, Giant Slayer, Deadeye, Floor General, Clamps, and Pogo Stick.

It’s only right that eight-time All-Star and Hall of Fame member Alex English also gets a new GO card. The former Nuggets star gets his best card since his 96 OVR Pink Diamond Rewards. It includes 96 Outside Scoring and 95 Rebounding with 92s for Playmaking, Athleticism, and Inside Scoring.

Last but not least with the GO cards is former Sixers player and current GM Elton Brand. He previously showed up in the Andre Iguodala Spotlight Series 2 packs. Brand has 94 Inside Scoring, 97 Rebounding, and 90 Athleticism along with 45 HOF Badges.

Along with the Galaxy Opal trio mentioned above there’s a new Pink Diamond Keith Van Horn and Diamond level Trey Burke. These cards will begin circulating as of June 22, with gamers starting to find them in select packs or boxes.

Where to get the new cards and latest prices

The new NBA 2K20 Throwback Moments cards are available for just under a week now. Gamers can find them randomly hiding inside the League Moments Series 2 packs. Those start at 2,812 VC or 3,750 MT for a five-item base pack. There are also Standard and Deluxe packs as well as 10 and 20-pack boxes available.

For as low as 54,000 MT, gamers can purchase the Elton Brand GO card on PS4 listings right now. Alex English cards look to be around the 100,000 MT level. D’Angelo Russell is clearly the winner of the newly-released cards with prices as high as 310,000 MT.

The newest release comes ahead of the NBA’s potential return to play out the 2019-20 season in Orlando, Florida in July. If that ends up happening, it could mean new content arrives in the game. However, we’ve also got a new NBA 2K21 game on the way, so it should be interesting to see what new content arrives with that in the coming weeks.

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