NBA 2K21 Cover Athlete Reveal: 2K Joins TikTok, But Who is on the Cover?

In the past week or so, there’s been NBA 2K21 sightings, and now fans are getting closer to an actual NBA 2K21 cover athlete reveal. Not only that, but based on new information, it’s looking there could be several athletes gracing the game’s various editions. Thanks to an info drop with the 2K20 cover star after NBA 2K joined TikTok, we now have some dates to circle on the calendar.

Anthony Davis gives NBA 2K21 cover athlete reveal dates

Social media platforms continue to arrive almost daily and while many people still use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, there’s a new star in town. NBA 2K officially joined TikTok, where viewers can watch quick videos to get entertained or informed. NBA 2K said they’d be giving some NBA 2K21 details there, and that’s what they did on Wednesday (June 24).

In a new TikTok video (below), 2K20 cover star Anthony Davis presented the official NBA 2K21 cover athlete reveal dates. There are three dates to put onto calendars, into apps, or into other smart devices. They are June 30, July 1, and July 2. That would seem to indicate three different cover reveals.

The video also indicates that more information will be on the way all week. Gamers can follow @NBA2K on Twitter, or head over to the TikTok through the video above.

Who will be the game’s cover stars?

Weeks ago, we gave our NBA 2K21 cover athlete predictions for which players might appear on front of the new game. We’re still holding on to the notion that the No. 1 draft pick Zion Williamson will probably appear on a cover since he signed a deal to represent NBA 2K.

He was also featured in the first 2K21 PS5 gameplay footage we’ve seen so far. In addition, he’s about to be on display as part of the NBA’s return to Orlando in July. That seems to add up to a cover appearance for the heralded star. Just imagine if Zion and the Pelicans play their way into a No. 8 seed for the West and face 2K20 cover star Anthony Davis first round.

That said, there continues to be another strong consensus amongst the community and here for a Legends edition of the game to feature the late Kobe Bryant. It’s very possible that Kobe’s daughter Gianna who also lost her life in the tragic helicopter crash earlier this year will appear with him. It would make for a fitting tribute to the late Lakers great and his daughter, who was a rising basketball star.

For now, we’ll have to wait just until next week to see who officially appears on the game’s covers, and how many different players are involved.

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