NBA 2K21 Gameplay Updates: Cover Star Damian Lillard Helped 2K With Feedback for MyCareer Mode

The Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard has been playing amazingly well in the NBA bubble over the past few weeks. When he’s not playing real basketball, though, Lillard seems to enjoy playing the NBA 2K games. That made Dame a natural fit as the NBA 2K21 cover star for the current generation edition. His work doesn’t stop with the promotion of the game, as he also gave valuable NBA 2K21 gameplay and MyCareer feedback.

Damian Lillard gave NBA 2K21 gameplay feedback, wanted MyCareer height for PG

The five-time All-Star Lillard checks in at 6-foot-2 but plays mighty. He has averages of 30 points, eight assists, and over four rebounds per game for this season. While Lillard is of about average height for an NBA PG, he actually prefers being able to have a taller player running things in NBA 2K21 MyCareer.

In fact, Lillard told the 2K developers that as part of the feedback he gave them after playing the mode. Apparently they listened, allowing for a 6-foot-8 maximum height for a created PG.

“Shoutout to the @NBA2K team for taking my feedback on how to improve #MyCAREER mode. I always wanted to be able to create a big PG in the game,” Lillard said in a tweet which showed off how his feedback is part of the game.

There’s other changes coming to NBA 2K21 gameplay, some of which Lillard gave input about. Others are based on community feedback, according to 2K. Those include a Pro Stick update, Shot Stick Aiming for Shooting, and new Signature Motion Styles for Defense. Check out more details for those here at 2K’s report.

Lillard wins NBA Bubble MVP Award

As fans anticipate the arrival of the new video game, real-world basketball has been taking place at the NBA bubble in Florida. The Portland Trail Blazers were one of five Western Conference teams invited to the bubble to have a chance to qualify for a final playoff spot. As of Saturday, Damian Lillard had his Trail Blazers in the play-in game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

To get there, Lillard achieved impressive performances during the team’s eight games on the seeding schedule. Two of those games saw him go for 51 and 61 points, back-to-back. In two other games, Lillard had 40 points or more. Basically, he’s been going off, and that earned him the Kia NBA Player of the Seeding Games award.

Lillard is certainly playing some great basketball at 6-foot-2. However, can anyone blame him for wanting to have a taller point guard on the floor in NBA 2K21 MyCareer mode? With the likes of Magic Johnson, Penny Hardaway, and now, Ben Simmons, it makes sense that there’s a need for PGs with a bit more height!

Check out the current-gen NBA 2K21 game trailer here featuring Damian Lillard.

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