NBA 2K21 MyTeam Game of Rings Winner Brings Free Locker Code for Dark Matter Player Card

A winner has officially been announced for the NBA 2K21 MyTeam Game of Rings contest. As the first part of MyTeam Season 8, gamers received six free cards rated at 90 overall featuring All-Star players. They included two of the current cover stars in current gen’s Damian Lillard and next-gen’s Zion Williamson.

Other featured players were Ben Simmons, Donovan Mitchell, Jayson Tatum, and Anthony Davis. However, only one could be crowned the winner and give gamers a free Dark Matter Locker card.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Game of Rings winner revealed

On Monday, June 14, a tweet revealed current generation cover star Damian Lillard is the NBA 2K21 MyTeam Game of Rings contest winner. This was based on points scored by gamers using the 90 overall Dame card in specific modes for MyTeam Season 8.

Gamers had until late Sunday into early Monday, depending on time zone, to use the player cards and determine who would win. Based on 2K’s reveal, Damian Lillard was the top overall scorer, although they showed no official stats for the players.

Ahead of Monday’s reveal of Lillard as the winner for Game of Rings, 2K released a graphic showing off the “standings” for the contest. Lillard held the No. 1 spot, followed by Mitchell, Tatum, Davis, Simmons, and Zion.

The above tweet had many fans questioning the standings due to another graphic that was displayed in the game.

Team of the Week cards didn’t include Lillard

On the MyTeam Community Hub section of the game, there is a Team of the Week spot which shows the most-used cards of the past week. It shows four of the player items from above, but Damian Lillard is not on the graphic. Instead, it’s got Mitchell, Tatum, Zion, and AD, with Allen Iverson at the point guard spot.

nba 2k21 most used cards team of week display
NBA 2K21 MyTeam graphic shows most-used cards of the week.

Even though these are the “most used” cards that doesn’t necessarily mean these players scored the most points in the two modes that they needed to. Based on 2K21 MyTeam’s tweet above, points from Triple Threat and Limited games counted towards the contest. Even so, gamers may have liked to see some more real-time stats such as total points players scored, which 2K indicated was the tracked stat.

Who is the free Dark Matter Locker Code player?

Since Damian Lillard was the winner in the NBA 2K21 MyTeam Game of Rings contest, a free Dark Matter Locker Code will be available on Tuesday (June 15). Based on previous details from 2K, the card will be for one of Dame’s teammates. That could mean his backcourt sidekick C.J. McCollum is set to receive an upgraded item in MyTeam. As of this report, McCollum has an exchange Rewards item rated at 92 overall.

There’s also Slam Dunk Contest winner Anfernee Simons who has a 94 OVR Moments card due to his trophy win at All-Star Weekend. Carmelo Anthony seems unlikely due to having a 99 OVR card that came out as part of IDOLS Series II.

A few other possibilities are Jusuf Nurkic and Robert Covington, who all contributed in the past season in various stats categories. Nurkic averaged a near-triple-double with his 11.5 points and nine boards a game, while Covington led the team in steals and blocks. However, many fans on Twitter are guessing it could be a Dark Matter Enes Kanter card.

Covington has a 96 OVR Fan Favorites card, while Nurkic has a 96 OVR Season Rewards card. As for Kanter, his best available card right now is his 94 OVR Moments Reward card. Once it arrives, we’ll post the Locker Code details below, so stay tuned for the latest updates.

Update 6/15: NBA 2K’s MyTeam has released Jusuf Nurkic as the free guaranteed Dark Matter card. Enter the code below into the MyTeam Settings/Extras screen where it says “Locker Codes” to redeem. Note that the Locker Code expires June 22, 2021.

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