NBA 2K22 Active Locker Codes: Free Klay Thompson Card Available for Warriors Star’s Return

The Golden State Warriors are in full celebration mode as Klay Thompson makes his official return to the hardwood. It’s been a long time away for one-half of the Splash Brothers, and fans are ready to see if Klay can return to form. In honor of his return, NBA 2K22 is rolling out the red, or gold carpet, for the Warriors star. One of the latest NBA 2K22 active Locker Codes in MyTeam gives gamers a free Klay Thompson card to use.

Klay Thompson makes big return for Golden State

Five-time All-Star and three-time NBA champion Klay Thompson made his anticipated return to the court on Sunday, January 9. Appropriately, it was a Golden State Warriors home game as they hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s the first time Klay has played in an NBA game since he suffered a torn ACL in the 2019 NBA Finals. That means it’s been 941 days, per Hoops Rumors.

He made his impact felt in his return as he had several big plays including two three-pointers and a ferocious drive down the lane for a dunk (below) through the first half.

In terms of NBA 2K22 player ratings, Klay currently sits at 87 overall in the game and could improve based on his real-game performances.

Thompson also has several cards available in 2K22’s MyTeam including a 93 OVR Diamond Flash item, 84 OVR Series 1, and 81 OVR MyTeam Base Set card. However, one of the new NBA 2K22 Locker Codes gives gamers a free Klay Diamond, with a catch.

NBA 2K22 active Locker Codes include free Klay card

In honor of Klay’s return, one of the newest NBA 2K22 active Locker Codes brings a free Diamond card for a limited time in MyTeam. All that is required is to enter the code “HAPPY-KLAY-DAY” into the Community Hub or NBA 2K22 mobile app. That brings a pack that includes two Badges and the free Klay Thompson card.

The 93 overall Diamond card is impressive as it has 17 Gold and 16 HOF Badges with it. Klay gets 93 Offense and 99 Defense along with 99 3-Point Shot, 96 Steal, 96 Perimeter Defense, 95 Defensive Consistency, and 91 Stamina.

A caveat with the card is that it’s a Free Agents card, meaning it’ll only be good to use Klay in five games, so make sure they count. In addition, the pack with Klay gives a Green Machine and Hot Zone Hunter Badge for use with cards.

The code below is only available for 24 hours, so it’ll be expired by January 10, 2022, at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

The other Locker Code that recently arrived in MyTeam gives a chance at a new Iced Out 2 pack. These include potential Galaxy Opal Chris Bosh, Cryogenesis cards, and several other new player items. To redeem, enter the code “MYTEAM-ICED-OUT-2-PACKS” into the appropriate spots in 2K or the app.

Based on Klay’s real-game performance, it’s possible 2K will add other content into MyTeam. That may include special cards, or a new Moments Agenda to honor the Splash Brother star. Stay tuned for that as Klay takes on the Cavaliers in his return.

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