NBA 2K22 Alter Ego Cards: Masked Players to Include Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and More

Just in time for Halloween, a new series of player items are arriving in 2K’s MyTeam with the NBA 2K22 Alter Ego cards. These cards will be of various ratings levels and feature some of the league’s masked players from over the years. They’ll include superstars such as LeBron James and Kevin Durant, as well as former champions like Jason Terry and Bill Laimbeer. Here’s a first look at the upcoming release headed for MyTeam mode.

Pink Diamond KD leads NBA 2K22 Alter Ego cards release

The best of the best right now for MyTeam player cards are the Pink Diamonds, with 95 or 96 overall ratings. Gamers can currently get a Kevin Garnett 96 OVR by reaching Level 40 in MyTeam Season 2. However, a brand new Pink Diamond Kevin Durant card is coming on Friday, October 29th.

2K revealed the new card on their @NBA2K_MYTEAM Twitter on Thursday evening, to show off the item art, and a look at a unique basketball. As seen in KD’s hands is a basketball that looks like a gigantic eyeball, keeping with a Halloween theme.

KD’s new card will carry a 95 overall rating, but the other card attributes and his Badges have yet to be revealed. Most likely, this will be one of the best new cards in the game, but time will tell. As of this report, KD’s best card is his 95 OVR Free Agent item, but that expires after several games.

Along with the Pink Diamond KD, there are also several Diamond players revealed for the release. Among the masked players shown are the Utah Jazz’s Andrei Kirilenko, Dallas Mavs’ Jason Terry, and Miami Heat’s Alonzo Mourning.

Masked Amethyst and Ruby players also revealed

There are also lower-rated players in the form of NBA 2K22 Alter Ego items for Amethyst and Ruby cards. Among these players will be Ruby LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavs, Russell Westbrook for the OKC Thunder, and Derrick Rose for the Chicago Bulls.

Amethyst players in the upcoming release are Kyrie Irving with the Celtics, Chris Paul with the Clippers, and former Pistons Bad Boy Bill Laimbeer. Another unique basketball is also pictured, as CP3 is dribbling a ball made to look like a Halloween pumpkin.

Based on another tweet from NBA 2K MyTeam, Alter Ego packs make their debut on Friday, October 29 in MyTeam. Each player will have two cards available with one masked and one unmasked. The Masked Players will be the ones to get as they’ll also have a “Blinders Badge” which 2K says is upgradable.

We’d expect that these packs and new cards become available sometime between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Eastern Time in MyTeam. Most likely, new Season Agendas will also arrive with them, giving gamers more options to build up XP for those Level Rewards.

In addition, it wouldn’t be surprising to see another 2K Locker Code surface for a chance at one of these Halloween-themed packs and other prizes!

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