NBA 2K22 MyTeam Moments of the Month: How to Unlock DeMar DeRozan Galaxy Opal Card

The NBA 2K22 MyTeam Moments of the Month cards are dropping and will bring a high-powered DeMar DeRozan card as a potential end reward. The Chicago Bulls star gets an upgraded Galaxy Opal to go with the program. It’ll take some grinding to get, but seems worthwhile for gamers looking to boost their roster at the forward positions. Here are the full details about the Moments cards and how to unlock DeMar DeRozan’s card.

NBA 2K22 Moments of the Month features DeRozan GO

Up until now, the best card available for the Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan was a 90 OVR Diamond Primetime item. On Friday, a new card becomes available with his Galaxy Opal Moments card. It’s dedicated to DeMar’s December 19, 2021 performance against the Lakers. In that game, DeRozan put up 38 points including a 16-for-17 free throw game. In addition, he finished with six assists and four boards in a 115-110 home win.

With DeRozan’s NBA 2K22 MyTeam Moments item, he can play either of the forward spots, which may disappoint some gamers who wanted him for the SG slot. However, it’s a 96 OVR Galaxy Opal with some great attributes and plenty of badges.

Per, DeRozan’s GO card has 99 Offense and 89 Defense. Top attributes include 97 Mid-Range Shot, 94 Speed, 98 Stamina, 95 Driving Dunk, 90 Speed With Ball, and 89 Perimeter Defense. DeRozan has 31 Gold and 14 HOF Badges including Acrobat, Clutch Shooter, and Pogo Stick.

How to unlock the new DeMar DeRozan card in MT

A new Lifetime Agendas Group called “Moments of the Month” is in MyTeam Agendas section. In this group are 25 different Agendas featuring moments for different players. The objective is to complete all 25 of these before February.

  1. Score 125 points in Single Player games.
  2. Get 250 points in Single Player games.
  3. Score 75 Points in TTO games.
  4. Get 75 in multiple Unlimited games.
  5. Score 75 in Clutch Time games.
  6. Yurtseven REB – Get 16 rebounds with Moments Rewards (MR) Omer Yurtseven over TT/TTO games.
  7. Strus Career High 3’s – Make 8 3-pointer’s with MR Max Strus in a game.
  8. Nowell Career High PTS – Score 29 points with MR Jaylen Nowell over multiple Multiplayer games.
  9. Metu Game Winner – Score 11 points and 1 block with MR Metu in a TT/TTO game.
  10. Gafford Block – Get 6 blocks with MR Gafford over multiple TT/TTO games.
  11. Williams Triple-Double – Get a triple-double with MR Robert Williams in a game.
  12. Bey Career High Reb – Get 17 rebounds with MR Bey over multiple Multiplayer games.
  13. Graham Game winner – Make 5 4-pointers with MR Devonte Graham over Clutch Time games.
  14. Okeke Career High Steals – Get 6 steals with MR Okeke over multiple TT/TTO games.
  15. Giddey triple-double – Get a triple-double with MR Giddey in a single game.
  16. Robinson Blocks & Reb – Get 5 blocks and 8 rebounds with MR Mitchell Robinson in a game.
  17. Simons Career High Pts – Score 43 pts with MR Anfernee Simons over multiple TTO games.
  18. Wagner Career High Pts – Score 38 pts with MR Franz Wagner over multiple Multiplayer games.
  19. Mills 3’s – Make 8 3-pointers with MR Patrick Mills over multiple Multiplayer games.
  20. Diallo PTS & Reb – Score 34 pts and get 14 boards with MR Diallo in a game.
  21. Capela Reb – Get 23 rebounds with MR Capela over multiple Multiplayer games.
  22. Walker Pts – Score 44 pts with MR Kemba Walker over multiple TTO games.
  23. Young Career High – Score 56 points with MR Trae Young over multiple Clutch Time games.
  24. Brown Career High – Score 40 and get a steal with MR Jaylen Brown in a Challenge game.
  25. Oubre Jr. 3’s & Reb – Make 9 3-pointers and get six boards with MR Oubre Jr. in a game.

Get Moments Rewards cards with above Agends

Completing each Agenda unlocks a player pack, which gives one of the various players (below). You’ll notice those are the players you need for the various Agendas above, so you’ll be unlocking them as you go along.

However, by completing all of the above, you earn the NBA 2K22 MyTeam Moments of the Month DeMar DeRozan, giving a nice Galaxy Opal to add to the lineup.

nba 2k22 moments of the month cards
All 25 Moments of the Month cards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam. (Photo via 2K Sports/NBA 2K22)

The MyTeam Season 3: Iced Out is set to end in about a week, but the above promotion extends for the rest of the month. So you’ll have a few extra weeks to complete NBA 2K22 MyTeam Moments of the Month for DeMar DeRozan.

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