NBA Live 19 Roster Update Moves Free Agents, Retired Players As Fans Await Live 20

In most summers, fans may not care quite so much about an NBA Live roster update. However, this particular summer saw a slew of NBA free agency moves, trades, and retiring stars. It shook up the league, and possibly made the league more evened out with star talent than in many previous years. Now, thanks to a new NBA Live 19 roster update, gamers can test out all the new teams with their new personnel.

New NBA Live 19 roster update moves major stars to new teams

Over the past several weeks, we’ve shown you first looks at how players appear in their new jerseys on their new teams. They included Anthony Davis on the Lakers and Kawhi on the Clippers. That was through the magic of manual roster moves in NBA Live 19 which could take some work to pull off. However, the July 19th NBA Live 19 roster update does all the work for you.

That means Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are moved to Brooklyn. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are now Clippers. Anthony Davis is teamed with LeBron on the Lakers, and Russell Westbrook is now on the Houston Rockets. Those are just a few of the All-Star moves that the new NBA Live 19 roster update accomplishes. A full listing is available through the tweet below.

Other moves include making certain players now retired or at least putting them to “free agent” status rather than on active rosters. They include Dirk Nowitzki, Dwyane Wade, Tony Parker, and Vince Carter. The latter of these players, VC15, isn’t retired yet, but hasn’t officially joined a new team.

Of course there are a few things the NBA Live 19 roster update missed, according to some gamers. One of those things is not moving Nikolai Mirotic off the Milwaukee Bucks roster. The big man has left the league to play in an international league.

Two other players that may not have been updated properly in the game are Boban Marjanovic and Tyreke Evans. Marjanovic signed with the Dallas Mavericks while Evans is suspended from the league due to substance issues.

EA servers having issues on Friday?

As of this report, there were a number of users on Twitter mentioning EA server issues plaguing a variety of games. They ranged from FIFA to Battlefield to other titles. Our own attempts to update the game on Friday evening resulted in getting about 20 or 21 percent of the update before a “Connection Lost” message appeared on the screen. This happened several times. It’s unknown how many people this could be affecting and what the issue might be.

For many gamers, it could mean waiting to apply the update as it will take time to do. It’s a lot of player movement and roster updates, so keep that in mind. Many gamers could be trying to apply the update at once to test out all the new players and team lineups. Also, make sure that your PlayStation or Xbox has adequate storage space to perform the update. Clear up room if necessary.

That said, another interesting note is that EA Sports has still not announced an NBA Live 20 game. There’s been no NBA Live 20 cover reveal (despite Luka Doncic rumors), trailer, or release date, or even the hint of a teaser for those things. Fans are patiently waiting for that announcement and hoping that this NBA Live 19 roster update isn’t a sign that there won’t be a new title coming.

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