NBA Live 19 Update: EA Announces ‘Massive Update’ With New Animations, Commentary, & More

EA Sports listened to the community and has unveiled a brand new NBA Live 19 update. In fact, the update is rather “massive” as EA themselves announced Tuesday (Oct. 9). It brings a number of big changes including brand new animations, commentary, and the ability to edit players in Franchise Mode. Here are more details on what the NBA Live 19 game update includes.

EA’s NBA Live 19 Update Three

EA announced the new NBA Live 19 update on Tuesday called “Title Update Three.” The game makers said the goal was to address different requests from the community. These include the ability to edit player within Franchise Mode, and gamers can do so without restarting the mode.

(Note: The EA Help Twitter announced that there have been some issues occurring in Franchise Mode since the update, so stay tuned as they address those issues).

In addition, a Created Player is now usable on a created court. There has also been a bit of tuning used on Inside Shots and a shooting trait issue was fixed. The fix was to help decrease the boost on players taking a “highly improbable shot.”

In terms of animation and commentary, they gave that some major updates. For example, there are now over 2,466 new commentary samples in the game. Also, gamers will see new Legend Jumpshots, Signature Jumpers, as well as Dribble Moves and Signature Dunks as part of the new animations. Those give a nice new boost to the NBA Live gameplay.

Other NBA Live 19 Update Notes

The updates mentioned above are considered “Key Updates.” EA unveiled a bunch of other tweaks and fixes to NBA Live 19, though. For example, gamers can now see the game rules on display when they pause their games in Court Battles and World Tour. There’s also a new pop-up with the rules before tip-off in the World Tour mode.

Some of the other fixes included adjustments to Logic or Stamina. For example, they updated the frequency of jump shot fouls, so watch those hands on defense! Also, tired players in the game that request a dunk have a chance of missing that dunk (due to their fatigue). That’s another noticeable change gamers may notice.

In terms of roster moves, New Orleans Pelicans fans will now find Trevon Bluett has joined the game. Meanwhile, several of the NBA Live 19 roster members have updated jumpers. They included legends such as Wilt Chamberlain, Tracy McGrady, Karl Malone, Steve Nash. They updated Shabazz Napier, Jared Dudley, and Kenneth Faried, among current players.

Of course, those are just some of what EA announced for the NBA Live 19 update. There’s also new jerseys in the store, premium sneakers such as the Air Jordan I Flyknit, and “hundreds” of brand new tops, bottoms and arm sleeves.

Gamers can see the full update notes available at EA’s announcement.