New Fortnite Leaks Confirm Earthquake Event Before Season 8

Fortnite season 7 is near its end it looks like data miners already know how it’s going to end. After the release of Fortnite update v7.30, leakers were quick to get their hands on the additional files added to the game with the patch. Data miners specifically searched the events directory and found four events listed in it. The events directory included the following subdirectories:¬†Earthquake, Festivus, Football and New Year. Here’s the directory image:

New leaks hints at Earthquake event.

We’ve already seen the New Year, Football, and Festivus (Marshmello) event. Now the only remaining event is the Earthquake event. This isn’t the only proof that the Earthquake event will lead up to the start of season 8. Another image from the files directory hints that players will notice some special effects once the event kicks off.

Just like the Ice Frost effect during the Ice Storm event, when players approached the giant Ice Sphere, the event leading to season 8 of the game will have its own “Camera Shake” effect. Considering that the camera shakes will be due to the Earthquake, we’ll see huge changes to the map before the end of this season.

New Earthquake Sound Effects in Fortnite

Camera effects aren’t the only special effects that were leaked by data miners. Fortnite leaker @FortTory was able to find sound files related to the upcoming event. Here are the new audio files added to the game:

The first audio sounds like someone is coming out of the rubble. The other sounds are probably earthquake sounds accompanied by the camera shakes. We know that some earthquakes are caused by volcanic eruptions and movement of magma. Now that the Fire King aka The Prisoner has escaped and the snow has started to melt, the game will soon see the arrival of a firey biome to the map. For now, everything is peaceful after the Marshmello event, but the Earthquake event is probably going to happen in the next couple of days now that the files are added to the game.