New Madden 21 Ultimate Team LTD Items Arrive For Chandler Jones, Cooper Kupp

Madden 21 Ultimate Team LTDs are high-rated player items available on a limited-time basis in packs. Thursday brought a new pair of the LTD players available for gamers to potentially add to their MUT rosters. They are Cardinals left outside linebacker Chandler Jones and Los Angeles Rams’ tight end Cooper Kupp. Here are more details about their card attributes, upgrades, and costs.

Chandler Jones, Cooper Kupp are new Madden 21 Ultimate Team LTDs

The first of the new Madden 21 Ultimate Team LTDs is linebacker Chandler Jones with a new upgraded 92 overall item. His card features impressive 94 Play Recognition and 94 Power Moves. Additionally, gamers get 93 Tackling, 91 Finesse Moves, 85 Strength, and 85 Acceleration for his attributes. The card is also ready to combine with his Power Up item, and also offers Chemistry and potential X-Factor upgrades with Madden Training.

For the offense, there’s Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp, not “Kuop” as the typo in the MUT tweet shows. His Madden 21 Ultimate Team LTD item is also a 92 overall. Kupp’s attributes include an 89 Speed, 92 Catching, 91 Medium Route Run, 91 Short Route Run, 87 Catch in Traffic, and 87 Spectacular Catch. Just like Jones, he’ll have Power Up, Chemistry, and X-Factor upgrades available with this LTD item.

As mentioned, both players are currently available in MUT on a limited-time basis in packs. These particular players are available in packs until 10 a.m. ET on November 7.

Gamers can buy both players beyond that timeframe on the Madden 21 Auction House. As of this writing, Jones is going for 400,000 Coins or more on PS4 listings, while Kupp is going for around 300,000 Coins or more.

Both of the new LTD cards also carry a permanent Quicksell value of 250,000 Coins, so they’ll never be worth any less than that in the future.

The new items arrive just ahead of another The 50 players reveal and the launch of Madden 21 Series 3 on Friday, November 6. Visit our Madden news page for more updates on the game.