New Tales of Vesperia Definitive Screenshots Shows Off Combat

The Tales Of series has had a range of different combat throughout the years. From turn-based to roaming freely and hacking away at your enemies, the Tales Of series has always been full of possibilities. Now, however, new Tales of Vesperia combat screenshots have been released. And god, do they look good.

This news comes from Abyssal Chronicles, which shows off a number of screenshots of all party members. Nothing has truly changed from its previous installment, at least combat-wise, but for newcomers? Having a look at these screenshots will give you an idea what you’re in for. However, if you like your combat complex, then not to worry, the combat is far from simple – despite outward appearances.

New Tales of Vesperia Combat

Tales of Vesperia Combat: A Quick Analysis

Tales of Vesperia’s combat can seem simple looking. After all, anyone who hasn’t played the game will look at the combat and think it is merely button mashing. But that isn’t at all true, in fact, Tales of Vesperia’s combat is much more complex than meets the eye.

There are three things you’ll need to know about: melee, combos and Mystic Artes.


Melee is rather simple – the more damage you do, the better. So it seems obvious you’ll need to put your characters who do the most melee damage out in front, whereas your healers or magic-users will have to be protected while they cast. However, be wary. You’ll only be able to attack in the angle you’re facing, meaning enemies can crowd you and attack at two angles at once. So, be careful how you position yourself.


Combos are the lifeblood of combat and, unless you really want to shake things up, aren’t all that difficult to do. Like in many Tales Of games, you’ll do a combo by doing normal hits, and then mixing it up with an arte, and then continuing ranging hell down upon your enemy. This can be difficult to pull off at first, but as you progress you’ll learn more arte’s, and thus give you time to think of new, exciting combo’s to perform.

Mystic Artes

Mystic Artes are the flashy moves that the player can perform once they’ve got a level 3 Overlimit and having your character equip the ‘Special’ skill while using any arcane arte, advanced spell, or Burst Arte. Each character has their own Mystic Arte ability, and some can even pair up with other character’s too.