New Valorant Agent Killjoy’s Abilities Revealed by Riot

Riot Games recently unveiled Killjoy, the next upcoming Valorant Agent who will be joining the game with the launch of Act II next week. While the initial teaser trailer did show off Killjoy’s abilities, it didn’t go into any detail about how exactly they work. Now, Riot has revealed those details in a new short video series.

New Valorant Agent: All of Killjoy’s Abilities

All told, the new Valorant Agent Killjoy has four different abilities; Alarmbot, Turret, Nanoswarn, and Lockdown. The first of these, Alarmbot, allows Killjoy to throw down a roaming robot. This robot will then seek out any enemies who enter its detection range and detonate once it’s close enough. Any enemies hit by this detonation will temporarily take double damage from anything that hits them. The Alarmbot can also be recalled by Killjoy before it detonates.

Valorant Agent Killjoy's Abilities Revealed by Riot 2

Next up for Killjoy is her Turret ability, which is fairly self-explanatory. The Agent deploys a small machine gun turret which will shoot at any enemy it sees within a 180-degree cone of vision. Note that there is a short delay between placing the turret and the turret opening fire, so putting one down in the middle of a firefight may not be wise. Rather, it’s probably best used as a defensive countermeasure.

Nanoswarm is Killjoy’s third ability. Similar to a grenade, Killjoy can throw her Nanoswarm canister, which then sits quietly wherever it lands. When Killjoy activates it, the canister releases the Nanoswarm in a blast radius around itself. The swarm subsequently damages any enemies in the area.

Killjoy’s final ability is Lockdown, which was shown briefly at the end of her teaser trailer. When activated, Killjoy sets down a large electronic device which deploys a bubble that extends over a very wide radius. The initial bubble doesn’t actually do anything other than to warn players on both sides what’s about to happen. A few seconds later, the bubble collapses, hitting all enemies in the area with an effect that leaves them significantly slowed for 8 seconds.