NFL Draft 2019 Rookies Including Kyler Murray, Josh Allen Get Madden 20 Scans

It’s looking to be another exciting year for the NFL and EA’s Madden franchise. The NFL Draft 2019 rookies are learning which teams they’ll suit up for in the coming season. Among the top picks were Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray and Kentucky’s Josh Allen. These players are also excited to make their official debuts in the Madden 20 game, which arrives in August.

NFL Draft 2019 rookies discuss Madden, get player scans

On Thursday night, the first round of the NFL Draft 2019 took place in Nashville, Tennessee. As it was going on, there was also an in-game Madden draft event where gamers could trade in sets of player cards for the new picks. However, the official rookie debuts for players like Kyler Murray, Quinnen Williams, and Josh Allen will come with Madden 20.

The NFL tweeted out a cool new video showing off the process involved to scan in the rookies for the game. It took place as the draft week was underway. In addition, Murray, Allen, and other rookies talked about what it’s like to finally get “in the game.”

The top pick Murray said, “Love to play Madden, been playing since I was a little kid.” Linebacker Josh Allen called it “a dream come true.” Defensive linebacker Quinnen Williams joked that he “used to create himself all the time now it’s like I’m already in the game.” Madden fans are looking forward to seeing what he and the other rookies can do!

All of the NFL Draft rookies are currently available through the Madden Ultimate Team draft event. However, those come at a hefty price and won’t be their official cards, OVRs, or attributes for Madden 20.

EA’s Madden rookie ratings

As far as the rookies’ ratings go, that’s still a giant question mark. In terms of last year’s draft class, some of the top prospects included No. 1 pick Baker Mayfield (Browns) and running back Saquon Barkley (Giants).

At launch, Mayfield was an 81, while Barkley was an 82. Saquon went on to win the NFL Offensive Rookie of Year Award and ended with an 88 by season’s end. Mayfield gained plenty of recognition as looking like the leader the Browns need for the future. By season’s end, he’d moved up to 83. Both players are likely to start a bit higher in Madden 20.

However, Indianapolis Colts left guard Quenton Nelson had the highest rating of all rookies at launch. He debuted with an 83 overall. Nelson ended the season with an impressive 87 in the game.

We can only guess where players like Kyler Murray, Josh Allen, and Quinnen Williams might begin ratings-wise for Madden 20. However, smart money suggests Murray is looking at something between 81 and 85. It could be a total surprise, though, based on his skill and potential.

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