NHL 19 Stanley Cup Finals Simulation: Game 7 Predictions For Blues vs. Bruins

When it comes down to it, a championship series Game 7 is the moment that sports fans live for. That’s what’s on tap for tonight’s NHL Stanley Cup Finals as the Boston Bruins host the St. Louis Blues in a classic. The two teams have gone the distance, tied at 3-3 in the series. Now it’s all on the line as they’ll hit the ice to decide who hoists the championship trophy. We’ve run an NHL 19 Stanley Cup Finals simulation to see how it might go down.

NHL 19 Stanley Cup Finals Simulation of Blues vs. Bruins Game 7

We head into Game 7 of the NHL 19 Stanley Cup Finals simulation with the Bruins ahead 2-0. It’s down to the third period. That means it’s do or die time for the visiting Blues as time is quickly running out. Can St. Louis find a way to score against Boston’s defense?

The answer to that question is a resounding “No.” Boston goalie Tuukka Rask puts in impressive work to make save after save despite a number of Blues’ efforts to score during the period. St. Louis ends up pulling their own goalie with under a minute to go. That allows Boston to get the puck away down at the other end and ultimately put themselves ahead 3-0. It’s too much for the visitors to come back from.

NHL 19 Stanley Cup Finals simulation final stats

As the buzzer sounds, the Bruins players rush onto the ice to celebrate as the fans go wild. Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand each scored and had an assist in the Game 7 win. Bergeron is the Conn Smythe winner for the series with four goals and five assists. We close the chapter on this NHL season as the Bruins celebrate with another Stanley Cup title in front of their home city fans!

How to simulate the Blues vs. Bruins series

On NHL 19, it’s possible to play out the entire Stanley Cup Finals Playoffs or just a tournament involving a few teams. You can narrow it down to a two-team best-of-seven between the St. Louis Blues and Boston Bruins. Head to the main menu and then choose “Playoff Mode.”

From there, make sure to select “New.” You’ll get the screen below with all of your options. Choose two teams for a seven-game series and then adjust the other overall series settings based on preference.

how to play stanley cup finals simulation nhl 19

Once you have the settings looking good, choose “Continue.” Select the Bruins and Blues as your two teams. Make sure Boston is the home team (on the right side of the screen).

Once you have everything set, you’ll get to a screen with more options including “Play Next Game.” This is where you can dive in and simulate each game or play them on your own as either team. It gives an exciting way to play out the NHL Stanley Cup Finals with many different outcomes.

Make sure to check out EA’s NHL Stanley Cup finals simulation from before the series. They originally predicted that St. Louis would hoist the Stanley Cup. Which of the two teams will end up with the trophy tonight?

Get more of the latest NHL 19 news here. Game 7 of the series arrives at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday night.