NHL 19 Stanley Cup Event Arrives For Hockey Ultimate Team With Rewards, Sets, & More

Things are heating up in the National Hockey League as the 2019 NHL Playoffs approach. A total of sixteen teams will be split amongst the Eastern Conference and Western Conference matchups. Right now, top teams appear to be the Tampa Bay Lightning and Calgary Flames. In conjunction with the excitement of the postseason EA Sports has launched the NHL 19 Stanley Cup event in their popular hockey game. It comes soon after the announcement of the Community Team of the Year.

What is the NHL 19 Stanley Cup Event?

There were recent promotions in NHL 19 for Young Guns, North American, and World Team of the Year. The newest promotion is also part of the NHL 19 title inside of the Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) mode. It’s an event to celebrate the excitement of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. As of Sunday (Apr. 7), the official matchups and schedule for the postseason will be revealed.

Meanwhile, NHL 19 is giving fans who fire up their hockey game on the console a special reward. All gamers who launch Hockey Ultimate Team will receive free Stanley Cup packs. The free Stanley Cup Pack includes two Gold Rare Players, two Stanley Cup Playoff collectibles, and an 80 OVR Stanley Cup player Item. Not a bad deal just for getting into HUT mode!

Every NHL team that qualifies for the playoffs will have two of their players featured as HUT Playoff Items (see tweet above). These will be 91 OVR items with the potential for another boost of two points if their squad moves on to the next round. Not only that, but the player Synergies are going to double. So they’ll move from four to eight points for each playoff round victory.

The NHL 19 Stanley Cup event will also bring regular sets, Master Sets, and competition. The first Masters Set player revealed is Rod Brind’Amour of the Carolina Hurricanes. New Master Set players will be revealed on Apr. 12, Apr. 19, and Apr. 26. Master sets require a total of 20 Playoff Collectibles to achieve them.

There are also two competitive seasons that will take place in the HUT Playoffs event. Season 19: Stanley Cup will take place with one round from Apr. 9 through Apr. 16. That’s followed by Season 20: NHL Playoffs. It consists of two rounds. Round 1 will go from Apr. 15 through Apr. 25, while Round 2 lasts from Apr. 26 through May 14.

Get more info on the new event here at EA.com website. See more of our NHL 19 news here!