Nintendo Switch Reaches 8 Million Units Sold in Japan

Nintendo Switch sales continue to rise as we now know that it reached more than eight million units sold in Japan alone. That raises the global sales to more than 32 million consoles sold thus far. However, we don’t have updated stats for other regions but we do expect to get those soon. As such, expect that global sales record to raise even higher.

What’s even more fascinating about the Nintendo Switch sales in Japan (via DomsPlaying) is that it will soon overtake lifetime sales of the PS4 there if it hasn’t already. The PlayStation 4 has around eight million or so units sold in its home country, despite being around for several years more. In addition, it will overtake the lifetime sales of the Nintendo 64 if it hasn’t already.

nintendo switch sales

In terms of home consoles, that will leave only the SNES, NES, and Wii to stand in its way. It is also closing on the lifetime sales of the Xbox One, which will make it the second best-selling console currently out right now. This is all rather impressive considering the Nintendo Switch is only just over two years old.

It is certainly well on its way to breaking even more records in the video game industry. However, it is worth noting that the Japanese video game market is very partial to handheld systems like the DS and 3DS so it is no surprise that the hybrid Switch is a major hit over there. Regardless, it remains a hit overseas here in North America and Europe as well.

With games like Animal Crossing 2019, Pokemon Sword & Shield, and more on the way this year for Switch, it is likely that the Nintendo Switch sales will only continue to grow at an insane rate. As always, for more info on everything Nintendo and Nintendo Switch, be sure to keep it locked right here at VGR.