Odell Beckham Jr. Increased Browns’ Popularity in Madden 20 Game

With the NFL season under a week away, football fans are enjoying Madden 20 season. In fact, a recent reveal of the most popular teams in the game is showing a telling stat. Based on Odell Beckham Jr’s move to the Cleveland Browns roster, it has increased how many people use the team in the game. The Browns are currently one of the five most popular teams in the Madden 20 game, thanks to the star receiver.

Madden 20 reveals the most popular teams, Odell Beckham factor

On Friday (Aug. 30), EA Madden posted a number of interesting infographics for the football simulation game. Among them, they revealed which players are the “league leaders.” As seen below, Odell Beckham Jr. is the overall league leader amongst receivers. Interestingly, his Browns teammate Jarvis Landry also appears at No. 5 overall after Amari Cooper, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill.

The other interesting graphic attached to the tweet shows that there’s an “OBJ Factor” at work in Madden 20. It’s led to a 161.3 percent increase in gamers using the Cleveland Browns for this year’s game versus last year’s game.

Cleveland Browns fans are definitely excited and it shows. They now have one of the league’s top receivers on the Browns’ roster with promising young quarterback Baker Mayfield as the passer. In the Madden 20 game, the Browns bring an overall rating of 84, tying them with the Kansas City Chiefs.

As for Odell Beckham Jr., he has a 96 in terms of the Madden 20 player ratings. That puts him amongst the top 13 players overall and ranks him as the fourth-best wide receiver. The only players listed above OBJ for Madden 20 receivers are 98-rated players Antonio Brown (Raiders) and Julio Jones (Falcons), as well as 99 OVR Deandre Hopkins (Texans).

For those wondering, the Cleveland Browns are considered second-most popular in the Madden 20 game. One team ranks above them as the Dallas Cowboys are No. 1 in fan popularity. Dallas brings an 88 overall rating, which is just a point below the game’s best team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Check out all of the Madden team ratings to see where your favorite club ranks.

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The Madden 20 game is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs.