PES 2019 Data Pack Update Brings New Faces, Fixes To Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer unleashed another minor update for the popular football game on May 30. In the latest PES 2019 Data Pack update, gamers aren’t necessarily going to get the gameplay adjustments they seek. However, it brings a few fixes and some updates to the players’ looks to check out. Here are more details on that as well as other new developments for PES 2019.

PES 2019 Data Pack Update 6.0 & Patch 1.6.0 – What was updated in the game?

The newest PES 2019 Data Pack update is another 6.0 release for gamers to download. It should take effect the next time one starts the game on console of choice. Based on Pro Evolution Soccer website’s notes, it updated face models and portraits for some players. Additionally, they’ve now opened up their free-to-play edition of the game, PES 2019 LITE, for gamers without PlayStation Plus memberships.

Other fixes revealed from the latest PES 2019 update notes:

・ A fix for an issue that resulted in the names of certain teams and players not being reflected accurately in match commentary.
・ A fix for an issue that occasionally resulted in a corner kick or goal kick being awarded when the ball crossed the touchline near the corner flag

Unfortunately, those aren’t necessarily the gameplay updates that some gamers were looking for, but it shows that at least the PES development team is continuing their work. PES previously released the 5.0 update for the game which also included new player looks. Gamers are now looking for any updates on when PES 2020 arrives to see if it may offer the improvements they’re seeking.

PES 2019 Mobile app also gets update 3.30

Don’t worry because PES 2019 Mobile also received an update recently. That particular update for the free app came on Wednesday (May 29). Based on the version history, PES 2019 Mobile update 3.30 included the following:

  • The face data for a number of players has been updated.A number of issues were fixed.* Check out the News section in-game for more information.

It marks the first update for Pro Evolution Soccer’s mobile app since April 17. The mobile app is free to download and use from the Apple App store for iOS devices, or at Google Play store for Android mobile. You will also need a valid Pro Evolution Soccer account to use the mobile app experience.

Gamers, what do you think of the latest updates, or are you still waiting for Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 to arrive? Get more of our recent video game news to stay ahead of the curve as new game details arrive!