PlayStation Highlights the Best Tales from God of War’s Lake of Nine

Anybody who has played the latest God of War should be familiar with the Lake of Nine, and the time spent paddling across it. Kratos and Atreus, eventually joined by Mimir, spend plenty of time in God of War’s boat on the Lake of Nine. To pass the time, Mimir tells a great many stories, and PlayStation has now released a brief compilation of the God of War tales which occur while on the Lake of Nine.

“Tales From the Lake of Nine”

The minute-and-a-half video is a brief series of clips from God of War’s boat sequences. “Join Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir as they share some facinating, silly and dark Norse tales on the Lake of Nine,” states the video’s description.

The video highlights some of the best of the God of War tales told by Mimir; and one in particular told by Kratos himself. It certainly is a unique retelling of one of Aesop’s fables; itself derived from the classical Greek paradox devised by Zeno of Elea, “Achilles and the Tortoise”. Suffice to say that Kratos should probably leave the storytelling to Mimir. In the words of Atreus; “You haven’t told a lot of stories, have you?”

Plenty of Time is Spent Hearing Various God of War Tales While on the Lake of Nine

Fortunately, fans will soon have the opportunity to hear Mimir tell a long story indeed. It was announced recently that Allistair Duncan, the actor who voices Mimir, will be narrating the audiobook version of the God of War novelization. The novel was written by J.M. Barlog, Cory Barlog’s father, and adapts the latest game into prose fiction. It is scheduled for release on the 28th of August. The novelization spans some 352 pages, making it quite the epic tale for Mimir to narrate. Fans have only heard him tell relatively short tales in the recent game; as such, this should be ideal for fans of the severed and reanimated head.