PlayStation Plus February 2019 Free Games: What to Expect Next Month

Unbelievably, 2018 is over, and we’ve welcomed in the New Year. That means that a whole year of free game releases through PlayStation Plus is ahead of us. This month, we’re enjoying games like Steep and Portal Knight. But what will the PlayStation Plus February 2019 free games be? We’ve already got some predictions.

PlayStation Plus February 2019 Free Games: When To Expect February’s Free Games Announcement

Most months, Sony announces the upcoming free games on the last Wednesday of the month. That means that this month, we may be waiting until January 30th to find out what free games we’ll be playing in February.

As that is cutting it rather close, perhaps Sony will break with tradition and announce the games earlier. Regardless of the date they make the announcement, it will likely appear on the PlayStation blog at about 4:30 and 5:00 pm BST/11.30-12.00 EST.

PlayStation Plus February 2019 Free Games: January Selection

While it’ll be a long wait until February, that gives us plenty of time to enjoy the January PlayStation Plus free games. Here is our selection for the month:

PlayStation 4

• Steep
• Portal Knights

PlayStation 3

• Zone of the Enders HD Collection
• Amplitude

PlayStation Vita

• Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (also on PS4)
• Super Mutant Alien Assault

PlayStation Plus February 2019 Free Games: February Predictions

So what PS Plus February free games can we expect? Let’s make some predictions. As usual, we will base these largely off of upcoming games.

First up, we predict that Sony may make a Dark Souls game available to play during the month of February for free through PlayStation Plus. Bloodborne has been featured in the past, and an upcoming release from FromSoftware is due to come out on March 22nd called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Another of our predictions for February is Nier, a Square Enix game developed as a Drakengard spin-off. Nier: Automata – Game of the Yorha Edition is due to release toward the end of February, so this would be a good time to make the original free through PS Plus.

Could Nier be among the PlayStation Plus February 2019 free games?

Yet another Square Enix game which could make the list of free games for February could be Front Mission Evolved. This third-person shooter came out in 2010, and is set in the same universe as another upcoming shooter game called Left Alive. Left Alive will release in Japan at the end of February and will release worldwide on March 5th.

As Valentine’s Day is in February, it makes sense that there might be a free game on the list which includes romantic themes. Our prediction is Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth. This visual novel for PS Vita has been featured before by PS Plus, but it was back in 2016, so maybe we will get to play it again next month.

That wraps up our PS Plus February 2019 free games predictions! Be sure to check back later in the month to find out the official list from Sony.