PUBG Corp. Bans Hundreds Of Players For Using Cheats In-game

PUBG Mobile is still going strong while the PC and console version of the game lost almost 82 percent of its player base if we compare to its peak performance. While Mobile Gaming is on the rise nowadays, just like on PC, there are those who use cheats and hacks to get to the top. And PUBG Corp. didn’t like it. Not. One. Bit. (I just had to do it). They just released a blog-post naming all of the players that they’ve banned in PUBG Mobile for using cheats, aimbots, auto-aim hacks, and wallhacks, etc.

PUBG Mobile: Hundreds of Players Banned

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If you’re a regular player of PUBG Mobile, you would know how hard it is to get to the top rank. Most of these hackers are on the top ranks in the game. According to the public list provided by PUBG Corp. in their blog-post, these bans will be for 10 Years from now (yikes). Here’s what they said:

“We have always strived to deliver a gaming environment that is fair and enjoyable for each and every player and prevent cheating. We take this issue very seriously; as such, each account in violation has received a 10-year ban. We would like to remind all players about the importance of fair play and thank you for keeping PUBG MOBILE fair and fun. If you suspect that a player is cheating or using an unauthorized 3rd party app to dishonestly assist their gameplay in a match, please use the in-game reporting system to notify us. We investigate all such reports thoroughly and you will be informed of the findings. We will continue to enforce stringent discipline against cheaters and publish the IDs of confirmed cheaters. Thank you for helping us make PUBG MOBILE a better game.”

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