Rage 2: Check Out These Official Enemy Faction Lore Pages

When Rage 2 launches tomorrow, May 14, players will get to explore a surprisingly diverse wasteland. There will naturally be Mad Max-style deserts and canyons, but there will also be lush swamps and forests. Of course, players will need to enjoy the scenery while they can since the sequel also has four enemy factions.

Each of these factions has a distinct theme, and some of them will even fight each other. However, all four factions have a common goal: making sure the player bites the dust. If you want to read up on these distinct factions, publisher Bethesda has you covered.

Rage 2 Enemy Faction Lore Pages

Rage 2 enemy factions

Bethesda has spent the past several months slowly teasing Rage 2’s four enemy factions. The official faction lore pages highlight their unique traits as well as their established place in Rage 2’s world. Certain factions are even vying over the same pieces of territory, leading to dynamic open-world conflicts. Clever players can use this knowledge to their advantage by baiting one faction into attacking another.

Rage 2’s four enemy factions and their associated lore pages are listed below.

The Goon Squad

The Goon Squad is the most prevalent enemy faction in Rage 2. They’re the ones who have been heavily featured in the game’s pre-release marketing materials. The Goon Squad’s distinct traits include bright neon hair, a penchant for wild screaming, and crazed combat tactics. Suffice it to say, you’ll be killing a lot of Goon Squad baddies during your Rage 2 adventures. You can find the Goon Squad’s lore page here.

The River Hogs

The River Hogs are a hedonistic band of cutthroats who, as their name infers, dwell in Rage 2’s swampy regions. Similar to the Goon Squad, River Hogs are loud and carefree, but they’re also far from stupid. Bethesda warns that players who underestimate the River Hogs likely won’t survive the ambush they’re guaranteed to walk into. The official River Hogs lore entry can be found here

The Immortal Shrouded

While the Goon Squad and River Hogs embrace chaos, the Immortal Shrouded walk a different path. Organization and tactics make up the backbone of the Immortal Shrouded doctrine, and they put both to deadly effect. In some ways, the Immortal Shrouded are the tech ninjas of Rage 2, using bullet-deflecting electric swords among other armaments. You can read more about the Immortal Shrouded here.

The Authority

The Authority are the big bads of Rage 2’s narrative. The other three factions can be cruel and unmerciful, but The Authority is pure, unfiltered evil. Led by the villainous cybernetically-enhanced General Cross, The Authority aims to attain total dominance of the wasteland. Thanks to their highly advanced weaponry and brutally efficient tactics, they might just succeed in that goal. Unless, of course, the player can stop them first. You’ll find The Authority’s lore page here.

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