Rainbow Six Siege: Leaks Suggest Upcoming Operators Hail from Australia

As of this writing, Rainbow Six Siege boasts an impressively large roster of 44 playable operators. These operators hail from a wide range of different countries and continents, but there’s one glaring omission that’s still present. None of the currently available Siege operators are based out of the land down under, a.k.a Australia. However, if recent leaks are to be believed, that may soon change with the launch of Siege’s fourth content year.

Rainbow Six Siege Australian Operator Leaks

According to this recent report from PC Gamer, there’s some fairly strong evidence suggesting that Siege is heading to Australia. Now, to be clear, none of the information we’re about to present has been verified by developer Ubisoft. However, if the information does indeed wind up being accurate, it could certainly shake up the existing operator meta.

Leaked Australian Operator Details

Here’s what we know based off the information PC Gamer was able to gather:

  • The first indication that Siege is heading to Australia came via a map easter egg. In the game’s newest map, Fortress, players can find a projector showing a map of Australia.
  • The two new Australian operators go by the codenames “Mozzie” and “Gridlock.”
  • Mozzie is a female defense operator who can lay down a unique stationary device. If any attacker drones drive within range of the device, Mozzie can hijack and control them.
  • Gridlock is a male attack operator who can place red web-like tracker fields on the ground. When an enemy steps on a tracker field it emits a loud noise and damages them.
  • A leaked image of Siege’s main menu (which you can view below) confirms Mozzie’s and Gridlock’s Australian nationality.
Rainbow Six Siege leaked Australian operators

Ubisoft is expected to fully unveil Siege’s first Year Four season during next month’s Feb 11-17 Rainbow Six Invitational.  Going by past content release formulas, that means Year Four’s first season should kick off sometime in March. In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see if Australia is indeed Rainbow Six Siege’s next destination.