Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Complete the Time Traveler Easter Egg

Red Dead Redemption 2 has some truly strange Easter eggs ranging from UFO’s to ghostly women. However, few of the game’s Easter eggs are stranger than the time traveler Easter egg. This guide will show you how to see the Red Dead Redemption 2 time traveler Easter egg through to its ultimate (and very strange) conclusion.

Where to Find the Time Traveler Eater Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2

The time traveler Easter egg ties heavily into Red Dead Redemption 2’s ‘Geology for Beginners’ stranger mission. The mission can be started as early as Chapter 2 by visiting a small cabin to the northwest of Strawberry. There, you’ll meet a curious fellow named Francis Sinclair. Sinclair will use words that protagonist Arthur Morgan doesn’t seem to know, and he has an odd birthmark on his face.

Red Dead Redemption 2's time traveler Easter egg involves finding rock carvings.

The Geology for Beginners mission involves locating a series of rock carvings for Sinclair. The carvings can be found at the following locations:

  • The southwest shore of Lake Owanjila which is west of Strawberry
  • Close to Mount Shann’s peak, specifically to the right of the first “T” in “West Elizabeth” on your map.
  • The top of Mount Hagen in Grizzlies West.
  • At a burned out settlement slightly north of Flatneck Station
  • Slightly northwest of “Cumberland Forest” on your map, above a rope bridge on the cliff.
  • North of Branite Pass, just to the right of the first “I” in “Whinyard Straight” on your map.
  • Just under the first “A” in “Bacchus Station” on your map.
  • Slightly southeast of Moon Stone Pond.
  • The southeastern shore of Elysian Pools which is north of Annesburg.
  • On a rock ledge northeast of Deer Cottage and northwest of the “N” in “Roanoke Ridge” on your map.

Once you find all the carvings and return to Sinclair’s cabin, a curious sight will greet you. Sinclair is gone and in his place is a woman with a baby. When questioned, the woman says her husband is dead and only she and the baby are staying at the cabin. A close-up of the baby shows a similar-looking facial birthmark, and the woman also reveals her baby’s name: Francis.