Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Find the Artists, Painters, Writers, and Poets Cigarette Card Set

Given the amount of travel and searching involved, finding Red Dead Redemption 2’s Cigarette Cards may not seem worth it. However, there are rewards to be earned for completing the various Cigarette Card sets, and lucrative rewards at that. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find all eight cards in the Artists, Painters, Writers, and Poets set. They may not be as easy to spot as the game’s Dreamcatchers but rest assured they’re worth getting.

Artists, Painters, Writers, and Poets Card Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Phineas T. Ramsbottom kicks off the Cigarette Cards side mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Note that, as we explained in our Amazing Inventions Cigarette Card guide, you can’t just go out and find cards. First, you have to speak to an NPC named Phineas T. Ramsbottom who can be found at Flatneck Station. Speaking to Phineas unlocks the ability to find and collect Cigarette Cards. When you complete the Artists, Painters, Writers, and Poets set, Phineas rewards you with $100 cash and a Ginseng Elixir.

Aldous Bramley

The Aldous Bramley card is found at a homestead to the south of Blackwater. On your map, head slightly northeast from the final “T” in “West Elizabeth” to find the homestead. You’ll find the card on the building’s porch.

Evelyn Miller

The Evelyn Miller card is found within the Blackwater town limits, but not in the town itself. Head to the “E” in “Blackwater” on your map and you’ll find another homestead. Head around to the back of the building and you should spot a table. The card is resting on that table.

Elise Rose

You’ll find the Elise Rose card in the town of Strawberry. Once you’re in the town, enter the local hotel and go up the stairs to the second floor. Right at the top of the stairs is a table with the card on it.

Charles Chatenay

Head over to Valentine and then travel slightly north to Mary Linton’s house. You’ll find the Charles Chatenay card on the house’s porch.

George Dixie

Travel slightly south of the “A” in “New Hanover” on your map to find yet another homestead. The George Dixie card is inside the house.

W.G. Hoyt

Travel northeast from the second “N” in “New Hanover” on your map and you’ll soon reach a small lake. There’s a cabin on the lake’s shore and inside that cabin is the W.G. Hoyt card.

Preston T. Stephenson

The Preston T. Stephenson card is in the town of Annesburg. Look for the large office building in the town proper and head inside to find the card.

Slick Hutton

If you look to the south of the Van Horn Trading Post on your map, you’ll see a small lake. Similar to the W.G. Hoyt card, there’s a cabin on the edge of the lake. On that cabin’s balcony is the Slick Hutton card.

Miss Maud Delancy

Travel to Bluewater Marsh, specifically to the “W” in “Bluewater” on your map. There you’ll find a houseboat and on a table in that houseboat the Miss Maud Delancy card.

Richard McCullough

The Richard McCullough card is slightly north of Saint Denis. Of the two roads heading north out of the town, take the westernmost one until you reach a four-way intersection. At that intersection you’ll see a park with a gazebo, and on that gazebo the card.

Laurence Carson

To find the Laurence Carson card, head back to Saint Denis proper, specifically the “S” in “Denis” on your map. There you’ll find an alley with some pigs in it and the card at the end of that alley.

Edith Corinne

Head southwest of Rhodes until you reach Braithwaite Manor. Around the back of the manor is a clothesline, and near that clothesline is the Edith Corinne card.