Rockstar Hasn’t Asked Bully Actor Gerry Rosenthal to Appear in a Sequel

We keep hearing rumors that there could be a sequel to Bully in development. But we just stumbled across evidence that seems to make the possibility of Bully 2 a lot less likely. It comes in the form of an interview from earlier this year with Bully actor Gerry Rosenthal, who played Jimmy Hopkins in the first game. Let’s take a look at what he had to say.

Gerry Rosenthal Doesn’t Seem to Have Any Knowledge of a Bully 2

Rosenthal talked about Bully 2 in the Awfully Irish podcast. During the interview he stated explicitly that Rockstar has not talked to him about a sequel, and that he doesn’t know anything about one if it exists. The matter of non-disclosure agreements did come up, and Rosenthal said that had nothing to do with his apparent lack of knowledge. So, it seems highly likely he is telling the truth when he claims to be ignorant of a sequel.

Now, keep in mind that this interview took place back in July. Could something have changed over the intervening months? Sure, it is possible. Maybe Rockstar has approached him since July. There is also the possibility that Bully 2 will happen, but won’t include Rosenthal for whatever reason. Of course, it is also possible that none of the Bully 2 rumors hold any weight to begin with. Alas, things seem to be pointing in that direction with this interview taken under consideration. But it doesn’t prove anything either way, so there is still hope.

In other rumors regarding Bully, right now some people are speculating that Rockstar might be remastering the game. But this rumor also is highly speculative, and it is possible that the project in question is something else altogether. Whatever the case might be, we will let you know as soon as we hear anything about Bully remastered or Bully 2.