Rocksteady Teased E3 Announcement That Might Be Superman Video Game

Rumors about a Superman video game are based on various different social media posts WB Games Montréal and Rocksteady team members keep making. While these rumors were not confirmed neither during Microsoft’s briefing nor during Sony’s, it is highly possible that an announcement of the sort might happen today.

At the beginning of May it was reported that an unknown source claimed to have confirmed information about an upcoming open world Superman video game by Rocksteady. After that, the editor of Game Informer made some comments that made people think that the announcement will happen at this year’s E3. However, nothing has been confirmed yet and many fans believe that they had been tricked into thinking that there will be a Superman video game that they have been asking for for so long.

A brand new message on Twitter in response to a comment, posted by Rocksteady’s Senior Designer Noel Chamberlain, sparked the flame again bringing our hopes up for the rumored Superman video game to be the actual thing. Moreover, the comment Chamberlain was responding to was talking about announcements at E3 2018, which brings us back to our guesses towards a today revelation.

To top it all off, a response to another comment on Twitter three days ago, this time by WB Games Montréal Game Director Geoff Ellenor, triggered our hopes even more. Many fans are already anticipating an official announcement on a Superman video game at E3 and they should continue hoping for one.

As unlikely as it might feel right now, a Superman video game announcement is still something very possible to happen considering that E3 is still going on. Who says that this will not be a last minute surprise announcement? Judging by the hyped fans and by the fact that Rocksteady talked about a surprise announcement long before E3 2018 started, we can still wait for something like this to be very much true.  Furthermore, if it is not a Superman one, it will be some other Rocksteady video game and since its previous ones were such a success, we can expect this one to be equally magnificent.