Rumor: Photos Leaked of PS5 Controller

There is so much we have been finding out about what the PS5 controller may be like. In fact, it was just the other day when we reported that there may be some changes to the buttons on the DualShock 5. And now, adding to the rumors, there are some leaked photos which may show us what the PS5 controller looks like along with the devkit.

Here Are the Leaked Photos of the PS5 Controller

The photos appeared on Reddit after being posted (likely) on Facebook by a user called “Patrick” with everything else next to his name blacked out. Patrick wrote on his original post, “Not sure it’s the right place. But … My first cleaning of prototype 1 of Ps5 🙂 Yes my job is a cleaner occasionally at U……. Please do not share this. :)”

Naturally, the photos are everywhere now. Hopefully, “Patrick” realized that this was inevitable when he posted them. Regardless, the devkit in the images looks very much like the concept designs we have seen in the past, and the PS5 controller we see here also looks similar to the PS4 controller, but maybe with a bit more bulk and heft to it.

Assuming that these photos are real, they are probably more informative with regards to the controller than the PlayStation 5 itself, from a consumer standpoint. The PS5 console may scarcely bear resemblance to the devkit. But the PS5 controller, on the other hand, will probably look quite close to this one. Notice there doesn’t appear to be any buttons in the middle. This seems potentially consistent with the button change reports from the other day. Though there could be a closed panel of some sort on the top concealing those buttons.

Hopefully, Sony will not make us wait too much longer to find out what the PS5 and DualShock 5 will look like. When they are officially revealed, we will share them with you in our PlayStation news section.