Rumor: PS5 Will Facilitate Easy Transitions Between Controllers

Sony filed a patent recently that includes some details about how the low battery notification system might work on PlayStation 5. The patent also explained how when the battery on the active controller runs low, the system could facilitate easy transitions between controllers. Let’s learn more about how this system could potentially work.

The Transitions Between Controllers When the Battery Runs Low Could Be Effortless

If you are playing on your PS5 and your DualSense battery gets low, the system should show you a notification, according to the patent. But what is really cool is that there also should be an option to rapidly switch to a secondary controller.

PS5 Controller DualSense Unveiled by Sony 3

Hypothetically, this could be very useful, if it makes it less of a disruption than switching controllers manually would be. Though if the process involves needing to stop and take some set of actions on the screen, one imagines it could actually cause more of a disruption. Still, it seems like Sony would have thought of this. The entire point of the feature seems to be ease-of-use.

Plus, it is possible that there will be multiple options for how to use the notification and controller switching features. We might be able to toggle the alerts and switching on and off.

Remember, this is just a patent, so there is nothing confirmed here. We don’t know if this feature will be included. If it is, it may or may not be in the form the patent discusses. Looking for more updates on PlayStation 5? The CEO has explained why the digital edition is even harder to pre-order than the regular version. Additionally, a new service is coming to PS Plus called the PlayStation Plus Collection. Read about these and other topics in our PlayStation news section.