Second Season of Borderlands 3 DLC Announced with New Season Pass

Gearbox has officially announced a second season of Borderlands 3 DLC, complete with a second Season Pass. However, this second season will be a bit different to the first, featuring two new DLC add-ons which take a different approach to new content than the first four story add-ons. This second season also appears to be separate to the newly-announced fifth DLC coming later this year.

The Borderlands 3 Season Pass 2

“Get ready to make all kinds of mayhem with Borderlands 3’s new Season Pass 2,” writes Gearbox; “which will feature two more add-ons unlike anything we’ve done before. This new season will include the Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut DLCs, which each offer new modes and ways to play.”

Borderlands 3 Season Pass 2 Announced 2

The Borderlands 3 Season Pass 2 will be available to buy from the 10th of November, with the Designer’s Cut releasing on the same day. The Director’s Cut, meanwhile, will release in Spring of 2021. These two DLCs won’t be story add-ons in the manner of the first season’s worth of add-ons. Rather, they will expand the core content of the game, including new Vault Hunter skill trees and gameplay modes. The costs of the two DLC, and the new Season Pass, have yet to be revealed.

The Designer’s Cut DLC, specifically, will feature a new skill tree for every Vault Hunter, along with a new ‘Arms Race’ game mode. These new trees will be revealed in a series of livestreams, starting on the 20th of October. The schedule for these announcements are as follows:

  • 20th October (9:00 AM PST): Livestream revealing skill trees for Amara & Flak, as well as an episode of Ultimate Vault Hunters.
  • 22nd October (9:00 AM PST): Livestream revealing skill trees for Moze & Zane, as well as an episode of Ultimate Vault Hunters.
  • 29th October (9:00 AM PST): The next episode of The Borderlands Show, revealing the Arms Race game mode.
  • 30th October (9:00 AM PST): The Bordercast episode, featuring live, hands-on Arms Race gameplay.

Gearbox has not yet revealed any details for what the Director’s Cut DLC will include. “Rest assured it will be bursting with next-level mayhem as Borderlands 3 continues its second year,” writes the studio. Presumably, more details for that second release will emerge in early 2021.