Review: Is This a Good Site to Sell Your Old Console?

Picking up a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X or S soon? If so, you might be planning to part ways with your old console in order to offset the cost of your purchase. You may have heard about a site called, and may be wondering if it is a good option for selling your old console.

Those of you who know me probably are aware that I’m skipping up a generation from PS3 to PS5, and not selling my PS3. But a close friend of mine asked if I could help her sell her Xbox One. I’d heard about, so we decided to give it a try.

What is is a site where you can sell your used cell phones, tablets, smartwatches, consoles, and other technology. The site has been around since 2008. Collectively, users have sold more than 2 million phones through the website. So, has a rock-solid reputation, and I felt confident it would be a safe and reliable option for the sale of my friend’s Xbox One.

How Works

From start to finish, we found the listing and sale process fast and easy.

1. To get started, we navigated to the Xbox page, and from there, we clicked on “Sell Now” for Xbox One. If you have a different type of console to sell, you can navigate to the page for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DS, and so forth.

2. The next page asked us to “Tell us about your Xbox One.” We entered in details for the unit, including its capacity and condition.

3. Below that, we were shown a variety of options. Different buyers with open offers for the device were displayed, and we could compare the prices at a glance. The offers also listed other pertinent information, like whether there was free shipping and returns, what the payment speed was, and how long the price would be valid. We were also able to see below that which buyers were not making offers.

4. We clicked on “Get Paid” for the highest offer. The offer also included a coupon for 5% extra added to the sale price. The site applied it automatically.

5. On the next page, we provided the info on the storage capacity and condition again. The site provided detailed descriptions of the different conditions so we could pick the most accurate one. We answered a few more questions after that, like whether the console was operational and whether we’d be sending a controller with it.

6. After we answered the questions, we were shown the final offer. My friend was happy with it, so we went to the checkout page.

7. On the checkout page, we put in an email address, and selected a payment method. Our options were check, PayPal and Zelle; my friend picked Zelle. We put in shipping info. There was an option for 2-day shipping and 24 hour processing time, but we weren’t in a hurry, so we skipped it. There was an option to add insurance, but we didn’t need it, since insurance up to $100 was included for free.

8. We accepted the terms and conditions and checked out.

9. The seller we chose not only covered shipping, but sent a free shipping pack! We didn’t even have to print out a label. There was tracking on the package so we could see where it was at. Within days, the package arrived, and 2 days later, the payment showed up in the Zelle account.


  • This is a reputable website which millions of users have trusted for re-sales of their technology.
  • There are no selling fees.
  • The site guarantees a fraud-free transaction and that you will receive the quoted price—or higher. If the site assesses your item and determines you under-valued it, you will receive a higher price.
  • Shipping takes place through FedEx or UPS. Some buyers require you to do your own boxing, but many will send you packing materials.
  • The site is incredibly intuitive and transparent. It takes only minutes to search through the offers and select the best one, and you will know upfront the exact value you qualify for and how fast you will receive your money.
  • screens its buyers with care to prevent fraud.


  • It is always a little nerve-wracking to send something valuable through the mail without receiving a payment for it first. But following a great first experience, I’ll feel safe and confident with my next one.

Verdict: is a Fast, Easy, Reliable Way to Sell Your Old Gaming Console

Hate mailing packages? So do I. I’m the type of person who frankly freaks out at having to do something so simple as a return of a product I bought online.

But I found ridiculously easy to use. It literally took about five minutes to choose an offer, and since we received free packaging, we didn’t even have to print a label. We put the Xbox One in the box, shipped it, and my friend got her payment.

With zero seller fees, quick comparison of offers, and vetted buyers, there is a lot to recommend Honestly, I cannot really think of any substantial drawbacks. If you need to unload an old console, give it a try. I expect that your experience will be as smooth and easy as mine.