Some PS5 Buyers Are Receiving Free Avatar Codes

Many of us are wondering how anyone got so lucky so as to snag a PlayStation 5 on pre-order and have it already in their living rooms. But among those who did, some got extra lucky. There are PS5 buyers reporting that they are receiving free avatar codes. Let’s find out more about these reports.

Who is Getting the Free Avatar Codes?

You might recall that the PlayStation Direct store did some pre-orders for select customers. There are PS5 buyers who purchased their consoles through the store who now say that they are getting free avatar codes. The codes appeared on a letter from PlayStation boss Jim Ryan.

Above is a tweet that shows an image of the letter and the avatars. The text says, “If you ordered through Playstation Direct, they should have provided you with a “thank you” note in your package. There’s a code on the note and once redeemed, you get access to 8 avatars that seem to be exclusive to the Playstation Direct purchase. Thank you


The avatars show characters from games like Demon’s Souls and Astro’s Playroom. The avatar codes are a nice way for Sony to thank its early purchasers for PS5. Of course, for those of us who didn’t get in on those pre-orders, they are just another thing we will miss out on.

Since the PS5 has come out, new reports are telling us more about the console’s capabilities. For example, you can now invert the Y-axis globally for all your games. Also, a video gives you an idea for how quietly the PS5 runs. We will be excited to learn even more about the next generation of Sony gaming over the weeks ahead. You can follow our PlayStation news section for more updates.