The Sixteen Killstreaks Available in Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer

One of the options available to players when putting together a Custom Loadout in Call of Duty: Vanguard is to choose which Killstreaks they will have available in Multiplayer. A total of three Killstreaks can be equipped at any given time, allowing players to bring a powerful arsenal of tools to each match. However, they will still need to score enough kills to be able to use them…

The Sixteen Call of Duty: Vanguard Killstreaks

In Call of Duty: Vanguard, the sixteen available Killstreaks are divided between nine groups, each representing a different total of kills. While any Custom Loadout can include any three Killstreaks, players cannot equip more than one Killstreak from any given kill total. For instance, you cannot equip both a Mortar Barrage and War Machine, since they both unlock at five kills. The sixteen Killstreaks are as follows:

Call of Duty Vanguard Killstreak List 2

Unlocked at Three Kills

  • Intel: The most basic Killstreak will reveal the location of nearby foes with marker pings on your minimap. This boon lasts only a short while and is only visible to you.

Unlocked at Four Kills

  • Care Package: Potentially very strong, a Care Package will drop a single Killstreak, chosen completely at random. As such, you sacrifice the strength of a specific Killstreak to gamble for a good one at a low kill-count.
  • Spy Plane: The classic Spy Plane will reveal all enemy positions on the minimap for both yourself and your teammates. Of course, the Plane can be shot down, potentially ending the effect early.
  • Counter Spy Plane: An inversion on the Spy Plane, a Counter Spy Plane will obscure all enemy minimaps for a limited time. Like the Spy Plane, it can also be shot down.

Unlocked at Five Kills

  • Glide Bomb: This remote-controlled explosive is very powerful with an impressively large blast radius.
  • Mortar Barrage: A few moments after you throw the marker flare, mortar shells will rain down on the target location, causing massive damage.
  • War Machine: You equip a special Grenade Launcher which boasts semi-automatic fire. Importantly, you do not lose this weapon on death, although it does have a finite supply of grenades.

Unlocked at Six Kills

  • Guard Dog: You call in a single Guard Dog which will protect you. You can tell it to heel and follow you or wait and guard a specific position.
  • Strafing Run: The first air-to-ground attack Killstreak, a Strafing Run hits a target area with a barrage of gunfire from the sky.

Unlocked at Seven Kills

  • Bombing Run: An upgrade to the Strafing Run, a Bombing Run hits a target area with a series of explosive bombs. Importantly, the area will be struck three times.
  • Death Machine: Like War Machine, this Killstreak lets you equip a special weapon, though in this case it’s a Machine Gun with incredibly powerful explosive rounds. Like War Machine, you will retain the weapon even on death. However, it does have a finite supply of ammunition.

Unlocked at Eight Kills

  • Emergency Airdrop: Similar to Care Package, this Killstreak will drop three separate random Killstreaks in an area.

Unlocked at Nine Kills

  • Flamenaut: You immediately equip a highly resilient and heavily armoured suit along with a Flamethrower. This turns you into a walking tank with unlimited fuel, extremely deadly in close-quarters. However, both suit and Flamethrower will be lost on death.

Unlocked at Nine Kills

  • Firebombing Run: The most powerful air-to-ground Killstreak, this causes devastating fire bombs to rain down on a target area, leaving behind a conflagration that is impossible to cross without dying for a limited time.

Unlocked at Twelve Kills

  • Local Informants: The final Killstreak and the one which is most difficult to access, Local Informants will immediately reveal the location and direction of every enemy on the map when activated.