Sony Is Unifying PlayStation Service Accounts

As a Sony gamer, you may be envious of Microsoft gamers for various reasons, one of which is the simple, streamlined, unified accounts and services. But now you will have one less thing to be envious of, because Sony is unifying PlayStation service accounts. Let’s learn more about how this will work.

What to Know About Sony Unifying PlayStation Service Accounts

Sony has a page that explains the unified accounts for PlayStation services here. The page is titled, “Sony account: One account for select Sony Group services.” The page explains, “You can access several participating Sony Group services with just one account. Once you create a Sony account, just sign-in to any participating Sony Group service with this account. You no longer need to manage your core account information separately at each Sony Group service.”

Convenient, right? It will be so much easier now to manage all of the services that you use. PlayStation services that you can access with one account now include PlayStation Network, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Music, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Video. Along with these services, there are others that fall under the categories of Sony Mobile, Sony Electronics, and Sony Rewards.

The page also clears up confusion and answers questions. For example, if you are a Sony Rewards member and you have a PSN account with a different email address, the page explains how you can establish the credentials for signing in that you will use going forward. In addition, Sony answers a few other frequently asked questions as well.

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