Sony Plans to Communicate More With Fans

Sony has been pretty tight-lipped of late, to the point were a mere vague reference to “next-generation hardware” seems like a full-on confirmation of PS5. While it is hard to complain about anything the company has been doing (there have been some huge improvements lately, like the introduction of cross-play and name changes), a lot of gamers have been feeling a bit out of the loop.

Sony Plans to be more transparent with its fans.

As it turns out, Sony is aware that it has been on the laconic side. Sony Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden recently addressed the matter on PlayStation Blogcast, stating, We’re going to crank that communication up, we’re going to find more ways to get our message out and get a view into what our activities are and what our hopes and dreams are, if you will, for PlayStation and for Worldwide Studios.”

It is excellent to hear that Sony intends to open up more about developments going forward. It will be interesting to see as well what form these new communications are going to take. “More ways to get out our message” seems to imply that they may broaden the channels for outreach.

Of course, communication should ideally go both ways. Hopefully along with searching for more ways to reach out, Sony also will plan more ways for fans to get in touch and offer suggestions. A conversation like this should include contributions from both sides. That way gamers will be able to get more of what they want out of Sony’s upcoming products, including the PS5.