Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Mod Apeiron Shut Down By Lucasfilm

The long-awaited Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic mod Apeiron has been shut down. An official takedown request was given by Lucasfilm for the reboot. The takedown forces the developers behind the mod to cease all work on it. In addition, developer Poem Studios must destroy all materials and code related to the project.

Star Wars fans have waited several years for the Apeiron Knights of the Old Republic reboot. Unfortunately, we regret to inform fans that the project will most likely never see the light of day. The cease and desist letter is straightforward and there isn’t much room around it. This is because Poem Studios promoted copyrighted materials owned by Lucasfilm.

However, the odd thing is that the official letter from Lucasfilm only notes copyright infringement about the Apeiron website and social media pages. You can find a quote from the letter below:

“Poem Studios’ current use of Lucasfilm IP on its website and social media pages is without our authorization and is infringing. Poem Studios must take immediate steps to remove all uses of Lucasfilm’s property, including, but not limited to, Star Wars copyrights, trademarks, characters, artwork, images, and logos and desist from any further use.”

Apeiron Trailer

Apeiron is a full-conversion mod for Knights of the Old Republic. However, despite being a mod, it would have overhauled everything about the 2003 beloved RPG. The mod’s development was done through Unreal Engine 4. Poem Studios had no intention of selling the mod and would have released it for free.

Regardless, it seems the use of copyrighted materials on its website and elsewhere doomed the project. John Taylor Trotter from Poem Studios said that there is a high chance of winning in court. However, it would be too costly to pursue, resulting in this unfortunate situation.