The Hunter and The Beast DLC Launches for Total War: Warhammer 2

The Hunter and The Beast, the third Lord Pack DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2, launched today for PC. The new DLC brings two new Legendary Lords; Nakai the Wanderer for the Lizardmen and Markus Wulfhart for the Empire. Both characters feature unique campaign mechanics and bring a variety of new units to the game. Plus, Creative Assembly has also launched a third ‘Free-LC’ Legendary Lord and a major game update which contains a rework for the Empire.

What’s Included in The Hunter and The Beast DLC?

The primary feature of The Hunter and The Beast DLC is, of course, the two new Legendary Lords. Interestingly, both Lords in this case actually introduce totally new campaign gameplay mechanics. In the case of Nakai the Wanderer, the hulking Kroxigor is the leader of the first Horde faction in Total War: Warhammer 2. (The Chaos and Beastmen factions are existing Horde factions from the first game.) However, Nakai’s Horde mechanics are substantially different from those of the Beastmen and Chaos, making his campaign a very different experience. Markus Wulfhart, on the other hand, has unique campaign mechanics where he cannot recruit higher-tier units, but will be sent batches of new units throughout the game.

Markus Wulfhart is also the first new Legendary Lord to be added to Total War: Warhammer 2 for a faction from the first game. This means that Empire are now playable in the Eye of the Vortex campaign. Until now, only the Dark Elves, High Elves, Lizardmen, Skaven, Tomb Kings, and Vampire Coast were playable in this campaign. Both Nakai and Markus have unique Vortex campaigns culminating in a final battle against the other.

Total War Warhammer 2 DLC The Hunter and The Beast Release 2

Of course, the Lord Pack DLC also includes several new units for both factions. Click here for a more detailed breakdown of these new units and Regiments of Renown. Alongside The Hunter and The Beast, players also get access to a new Free-LC Legendary Lord; Gor-Rok, the Great White Lizard. Taking control of the Itza faction for the Lizardmen, Gor-Rok’s introduction brings the Lizardmen roster of Legendary Lords up to 6. Additionally, Creative Assembly has launched the Empire Undivided update. This massive patch delivers a major rework for the Empire which brings new campaign mechanics for the Elector Counts. It also adds new Empire Forts and moves Balthasar Gelt into his own faction; The Golden Order.