There Are Now More Than 15 Million Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

Xbox Game Pass is an extremely popular and affordable service, and it is one that is very important to Microsoft. Now, the company has announced that there are more than 15 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Let’s find out more about this remarkable milestone.

Microsoft Now Has More Than 15 Million Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

Microsoft made the announcement about the subscriptions in a news post. The company said, “Microsoft’s gaming strategy differs from others by empowering people to play the games they want, with the people they want, anywhere they want. Games are the primary growth engine in gaming, and games are fueling new cloud-gaming services like Xbox Game Pass, which has reached a new milestone of over 15 million subscribers.”

Microsoft also has launched Xbox All Access, which is a cool subscription service that allows customers to pay for an Xbox Series X or S in installments. Those who subscribe get the console right away after it releases, but get to take their time paying for it. The subscription also includes 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It seems like a smart way to get next gen consoles into the entertainment centers of households that may not be able to spend hundreds of dollars upfront. Also, it is a smart way to onboard even more customers with Xbox Game Pass.

Indeed, after 24 months of experiencing the benefits of Xbox Game Pass, we suspect many members will discover what a great value it is. They’ll want to keep up their subscriptions afterwards and become long-term subscribers.

If you want to compare the features of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S before making a pre-order, Microsoft has made it easy by updating their pages. Both consoles will release on November 10th, two days before the PlayStation 5 release date of November 12th.